Chances for Georgia Tech and UMich RD 2025?

Hi guys. I’ll give you a basic rundown of my stats and profile. I’m looking to see how competitive I am for admission to Georgia Tech and UMich.

Background: OOS (Maryland), Public HS, White (Middle East)
SAT: 1460 (750 Math, 710 EBRW)
GPA: UW: 3.96/4, W: 5.23/6 (9th grade had some dumb art and music classes which drastically brings this down)

Notable Coursework:
Sophomore Year: Honors Chem (A), Honors Bio (A)
Junior Year: AP Calc AB (A, 4), AP Physics 1 (A, 4), AP French 5 (A, 4), AP English 11 (A, 5), AP Comp Sci (A, 3), Guitar GT/AA (A)
Senior Year: AP Physics C, Intern Arts/Humanities, AP French 6, AP Calc BC, AP English 12, AP Economics


  1. Presenter and Workshop Leader: Presented and held workshops (in DC, PA, NJ, CO, and CA), teaching architecture & engineering. 13 hrs of teaching, 4 hrs of presenting experience.
  2. Map Manager; Cleverlike Studios LLC, Cleverlike Studios LLCProduct manager for a Microsoft-partnered game studio. Collaborated on projects with international museums and the US State Depar
  3. Community Founder and Manager, Blueprint CreativeI founded a web architecture discussion and content creation team of 500+members. Created instagram page of 4700+ followers, 950,000+ views/insights
  4. National Honors Society Secretary (of 139 Members), National Honors SocietyDeveloped and oversaw virtual freshman mentorship program for underclassmen during the pandemic. Raised $1,000 for St. Jude’s Hospital at a call center.
  5. French Honors Society (SHF/FHS) President, SociéteHonoraire FrançaiseLed virtual french tutoring and research teams in Francophone/African culture studies. Received school’s language department award.
  6. Career Research and Outreach, Towson High SchoolInternship ProgramConducted career and networking research. Led informational interviews at architecture, Civil Engineering firms, and Medical Offices
  7. Soccer, Starting Striker, Lutherville Timonium Soccer Club(Lutherville Recreational Council)Participated in tournaments across the mid-Atlantic region, including EDPcompetition.
    Additionally: In early February, I started an internship shadowing a surgeon, performing visual eye exams on patients, and filing medical records. I sent an email (and LOCI) to both GT and UMich with the additional EC.


  • Counselor, AP Physics 1 Teacher, AP French Teacher, AP English Teacher, 1 from my mentor/event producer at the architecture/engineering presentations. (I got 3 letters of recommendation, and Naviance didn’t let me choose which to send, I only wanted to send 2… oops)
    Georgia Tech:
  • Counselor, AP Physics 1 Teacher

Personal Essay: A narrative story about how growing up and working in my grandmother’s bakery at a young age while taking care of my mother with a mental illness eventually gave me the confidence to come out of my shell and do presentations around the country. Trust me, I was very careful with red flags here :slight_smile:
UMich ES Essay: Mediocre - Good
Why UMich? Essay: Very Good and Unique
GT What inspires you essay: Okay - Good
Why GT? Essay: Good

UMich: Civil Engineering

Major 1: Materials Science ( Talked about materials science and how I want to apply nanotechnology to both architecture and/or medicine)
Major 2: Architecture (I have a very good portfolio for architecture. If I got into GT, I’d imagine it’d be for Architecture)

Thanks guys. If you need other information to “chance” me, let me know! Just to be clear, I already applied to these schools and will be receiving decisions this month. I just want to know what to expect from these schools.

I don’t have much insight because I don’t know the first thing about UMich admissions, but I can tell you that you have much higher stats and better qualifications than my application had and I got in EA this year to UMich. Good luck!

Both schools are really tough for OOS students of any caliber. Everything is impressive but how do you lecture/teach engineering just being a student? Maybe I read something wrong.

What are your safeties or other schools you applied to and got in? Also, can you afford both schools?

Looks like you are you out of state for both?

Applying RD rather than EA (unless you were deferred?) to these schools decreases your chance of acceptance, they are both reaches for you. Are both affordable? Do you have any other acceptances yet?

I agree with knowstuff that I hesitate when I read some of your ECs. For example, how is it legal for you to give patients eye exams?

My daughter has a similar profile (OoS (NY), 1450 SAT (not sure if she submitted), AP BC Calc as junior and full IB, 4 years band, 4 years FTC robotics (2x Worlds qualifier), some state and national awards in one-off competitions, I assume good LoRs, her essays varied quite a bit from college to college and I don’t remember the GaTech ones (I thought her UMich one was good)). She applied for Urban Tech at UMich, uncertain at GaTech but Civil Eng or Environmental Eng are possibilities.

I estimated her chances at 30-40% at GaTech and 20-30% at UMich.

Good luck.

Congratulations! Were you in-state or OOS? And what major did you apply for?

Thanks for your feedback!

For the eye exams, it is under supervision of a liscensed ophtalmologist practitioner, so it is legal.

Also, @knowstuff , I agree with your concern and probably should have made it more clear on my application. I’m not necessarily lecturing, I’m giving presentations on architecture and engineering to kids, who are accomponied by their parents. Then, I use Minecraft to hold workshops where they’ll design their own buildings, layouts of cities, all the while I supervise, advise, and encourage collaboration. I could fit all of this on the UC application, but with such a limited space to describe an activity, that’s really what I could fit :confused:

I made the mistake of not applying to these schools EA; I went into this process quite naively and deeply regret it. I most likely screwed a lot of potentially competitve applications simply because I didn’t apply EA or spend adequate time on essays.

Though, I have a number of safety and very realistic target schools, including Villanova, Rensselaer, UMD (In-State), UMBC (In-State), Penn State, and Fordham University. So, I didn’t completely screw myself over, but… Trust me, I wish i could do the application process over again.

Oh, and UMich and Georgia Tech are JUST barely affordable. But, I’ll take UMD’s near full-ride over UMich or GTech 30-40k + room & board any day.

Hey, thanks for your feedback.

I see you edited your message, but IIRC, your daughter had some really impressive robotics acheivements. That is quite impressive and I think those schools would like that. But again, OOS admissions are unpredictable. I’d say my percentages are around the same, maybe a bit less for UMich. Good luck!

Are these costs for UMich and GT based on their NPCs? They seem low, because neither school will give an OOS student much need-based aid, or merit. Any OOS merit aid for those two schools will likely be disproportionally awarded to EA applicants. Have you received your decision from UMD yet? If not, how would it be a near full-ride? I agree that would be tough to beat.

Thank you. Editing was unintentional . . . seems that square brackets make things go away . . . tried to change it back to the regular parenthesis and perhaps things will re-appear.

I am not sure that she even mentioned the team’s success in the common app ECs. Pretty sure she did not mention it in any of her essays that I saw (I was a proof reader for many . . . by the end I was excellent at identifying when she had too many consecutive spaces).

The main takeaway was that you and her seem tone in similar situations for those two schools. I know she applied to several (six or seven?) other schools with similar prospects, one safety and one (maybe two) extreme reaches.

You’re right, probably more in the 40-50k range.

For UMD, I applied EA but (get this…), they received my November SAT report late, which an admission officer told me i could take, and then without notifying me, deferred me to the regular applicant pool. I’ve heard of no other school doing that this year, but rules are rules i guess. Just wish i wasn’t mislead.

I would have most likely received honors and 5k per year tuition (many of my friends who weren’t as « competitive » did better than this). But i’m not sure how being moved to RD would effect this. The admissions officer told me it wouldn’t effect it much, but i’m not really trusting what they say anymore. I’m fully aware that EA does much better financially than RA, but notwithstanding, it’ll still be a much, much, MUCH better deal than GT or UMich.

Yeah, seems about right ! I some issues this year with accomplishing things AFTER the deadlines like your daughter, so i couldn’t include them. My latest applications were to Villanova, USC, UMich, and Rensselaer, these are in my opinion my strongest apps. It’s a learning experience :grinning:

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I was OOS (CA) appyling for LSA:)

Awesome! What major

Environmental science!

If anyone is interested, I was waitlisted at Tech. Now waiting on UMich

Thanks for the update. My daughter did not get in at Georgia Tech either.

Good luck with Michigan.

No problem! Tech and UMich have quite different applications (and a much higher proportion of out of state students), so we might have better chances :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what happens. Good luck to you as well!

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And if it makes you feel better, I just got into UC Berkeley. I’m confident that your daughter will make it happen! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations. Berkeley is a great option to have.

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