chances for getting into emory?

<p>What are my chances for getting into Emory? </p>


<p>Race: Indian
Class Rank: 8 out of 385
SAT Reasoning Test: 630 in critical reading, 650 in math, 640 in writing
SAT 2 Subject Tests: 630 in math level 2, 650 in chemistry
Weighted GPA: 4.75 Unweighted GPA: 3.96
Varsity tennis team throughout high school, captain in 12th grade, all conference in 11th grade, seeded throughout high school
National Beta Club
A.W.S.U.M. Club, historian in 12th grade, board member in 11th grade
HOSA Club (Health Occupations Students of America), secretary in 12th grade
Habitat for Humanity
Hindu Center volunteer
Northeast Medical Center Volunteer throughout high school, 2 hours every week
Pelican Journal (online club)
Red Cross volunteer
Sadd/Save Club member (spreading knowledge of lethal drugs and alcohol)</p>

<p>I've taken AP Statistics (4 on AP exam) and AP Chemistry (3 on AP exam)
Currently taking AP U.S. History, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics</p>

<p>This is where ECs and Recommendations are really important. Test scores are borderline avg for Emory, but you have good GPA and nice ECs. I think u have a decent shot, but just depends on how admissions is feeling the day they review your file. They aren't exactly known for consistency.</p>

<p>you're a senior right?</p>

<p>If you are junior, you still have some time to improve your SAT's. It looks a bit low for Emory. Everything else should be fine.</p>

<p>ok, i'm a persian muslim (if that helps)
High School: Long Island pubic school with a great reputation (Top 25 in U.S)
GPA: UW-3.7
SAT: 2000 Math-660 Writing 720 CR: 620
SAT II's: 660 MathI, 680 Math 2, 710 in Spanish and 660 in Am His
ACT: 32</p>

4 year varsity wrestler and captain, 2 time all county
3 year varsity lacrosse
All county saxaphone, All state jazz ensemble-bari sax
Pres of Medical explorers and jazz band
VP of Future Business Leaders of America
French Club, World Affairs Club, Varsity Club
National Spanish Honor Society
Tri-M music honor society
National Honor Society</p>

went to summer school after 9th grade to get ahead in science
went to sat prep after 10th grade (didn't help)
went to National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) in 10th Grade
Four Model United Nations
Going to China this summer to learn Mandarin.... and watch the olympics</p>

<p>Please chance me for getting into the undergrad business school. Would my ec's compensate for my crappy math score?</p>

<p>dardar you love other ppl's chance threads lol</p>

<p>yea your SATs are right on the border of Emory. If your gpa/ECs are good enough i think you should get in. So as far as I see i think you have a good shot.</p>