Chances for Good Scholarships/Full Ride at University of Kansas?

I hope I’m not breaking the rules of this thread by asking for scholarship chances instead of school chances, I’m not even sure if that’s something that’s easily approximated, but here goes?

I really want to go to KU, they have a good M.Arch program. Since architects especially don’t make much money starting out and the school program is so long, I am hoping for substantial scholarships/ a full ride. I don’t know how to figure out my chances for this, or what I need to work on, so I thought I’d try and see what the internet says.

I’m a high school junior. Right now I have guaranteed admission (and a pretty good guaranteed scholarship) into both the school and the Architecture department based on my GPA and ACT scores. My school doesn’t do class ranks.

I heard my friend’s sister got a full ride to KU only because she had a 3.0 gpa, I am doubtful, but I am going to check with the sister if I can get in contact with her.

I have a 32 on the act, and I’m going to take it again. Hoping for a 34 since I’ve taken a full year of math since then and math was my weakest point (26 ouch) but we’ll see.

Freshman year: Honors Comp, 2.5 credit honors history/lit class, Chem, Geometry

Sophomore year: Russian 1, 2.5 credit honors history/lit class, Biology, Alg. 2

Junior year: into to architecture, 4 architectural studios, ASL 1 and 2, college algebra, and Trig at my local community college. I’m also taking a honors 2.5 credit history/ lit class at my high school.

Senior year I will take two Arch history classes, History of Design, Principles of Architecture, 2 Horticulture classes, Physics, and maybe 1 more Arch class or something else idk at my community college. I will also take the next honors 2.5 credit history/ lit at my high school.

I’m able to take so many classes bcs of how the college classes are 1 semester long and yet count for a full high school class.

I have 2 Bs from Freshman year ;-; Chem and Geometry. Besides that I have all As so far.
What should I work on? Tips?
And if anyone knows of any other colleges with a 5 year M.Arch degree, I’d love to hear about them!
thank you to anyone who reads this!!

There is no full ride at KU. It is a bummer, but even the best scholarship is only full tuition for in-state NMF. And room and board is as much as tuition. If you’re not NMF you get less than half tuition.