Chances for Governors Academy (please chance me)

<p>Sophomore applying for Junior year at governors academy
Asian (not asian american) fluent in english, korean
I go to a top level international school in asia
i moved to 5 different countries
one suspension in middle school for a small problem</p>

<h2>i went to PA summer school last year got one very good grade and one bad</h2>

(i have bad modern language grades b+ or b-)
Middle School
As and Bs</p>

<p>9th Grade-
4As 4Bs</p>

<p>10th Grade-


<p>high MAP scores 95th percentile on average
recs -i except to be extremely good as some of my teacher's think im a genius(no jk)
SSAT- expectation somehwere in the 90s</p>

<p>i volunteer on my at a college where i teach local children from very poor neighborhoods math.
basic computer programming
i climb mountains (highest- 4000M)
lots of additional volunteer work
3years of rugby plus travel to different countries for tournaments
(i can join the national youth rugby team if i want to)
play baritone, guitar, drums, basic piano</p>

<p>bump need replies please</p>