Chances for Grad at Stanford and UC Berkeley

<p>I am applying for civil eng grad at stanford and berkeley.
I am from Brazil and studied at the university of Sao Paulo (the best univ. in Latin america)
My GPAis 8.8 in a scale of 10
I have received scholarship for doing research, I have received assistenship to be tutor for one course and I received scholarship to do an international exchange for 1 semester at the University of Auckland in NZ.
I am currently the top student and I am majoring with a minor in structural engineering.
My GRE put me in the top 6% for quantitative, top 35% in verbal. The biggest problem is the writing where I did VERY very bad (I really mean that)... But my Toefl iBT was 108.</p>

<p>What are my chances for being accepted into the graduate program at these univs???</p>