Chances for Hamilton

<p>UWGPA 3.4, in AP and honors classes
SAT-1890, I'm a junior so I will be retaking this
Hispanic Male from Virginia
cross country recruit
Could someone tell me how my profile looks so far and give me some feedback on my chances of acceptance? Thanks
Also, if you want me to chance you just put a link to your thread and I will do so.</p>

<p>Net response </p>

<p>1) Athletics - if HAM #1 choice then get coach support and go ED1 </p>

<p>2) SAT / GPA - you know these are low so get them higher … maybe take ACT you may do better </p>

<p>3) URM - good hook but URM competition is becoming tuff so assume nothing … </p>

<p>4) Interview - will be key … practice on ride to school … </p>

<p>5) Community Service - lots of hours or even better LEadership is key</p>

<p>6) Recs - get good ones from people who REALLY know you </p>

<p>GOOD LUCK</p>