Chances for Harvard?

<p>I am currently a Grade 11 IB student. I was just wondering out of curiosity what are my chances of being accepted at Harvard.</p>


<p>Academics- HL: Chemistry, Biology, Business
SL- Maths, English, Mandarin Ab Intio</p>

<p>My GPA is around 3.8, it will go up to about 3.9 soon</p>

<p>Extra-Curricular- Member of Basketball, Softball, Football and Chess Team</p>

<p>National Chess Champion and Internationally Ranked. I have won various tournaments and represent my country in international tournaments. </p>

<p>Member of Student Council, MUN</p>

<p>I have been playing the piano for 2 years and going to go till Level 5</p>

<p>Professional Web Designer </p>

<p>I volunteer at various organizations, including Red Cross, Orphanages, etc. I have a passion for working with people. </p>

<p>I enjoy writing and I have contributed to newspapers and school newsletters</p>

<p>I am very religious and my achievements have been published in magazines.</p>

<p>Work Experience </p>

<p>I co-founded a chess academy with my mother. I work with the company on weekly basis to help. In my free time I work on expansion and new business venture ideas however none of them worked out ;)</p>

<p>I was invited to TEDxYouth to speak about this.</p>

<p>Future Plans:</p>

<p>I want to do bachelors and masters in business as of now and possibly in Harvard.</p>

<p>I am going to Harvard Summer School (2012)</p>

<p>I don't want to show off or be arrogant. I was just really curious about my chances, so I know where to improve.
I would really appreciate your feedback. </p>

<p>Thank You</p>

<p>Three thoughts.</p>

<li>Your extracurriculars are obviously excellent.</li>
<li>Have you taken the SAT? If your score is below 1800-1900, you're completely doomed. 2100+ is the level at which it doesn't matter so much any more.</li>
<li>You do realize Harvard does not offer an undergraduate business degree, right?</li>

<p>Yes, I do, sorry my mistake.</p>

<p>Is it true that people with only 2200+ SAT Score should bother to apply to Harvard?</p>

<p>Thank You.</p>

<p>thats 100% wrong my friend ibrahim got in harvard,yale and dartmouth with 2070 sat score and we are pakistani nationals</p>

<p>minimum-1900: almost definitely going to kill your application
1900-2000: really bad but not an application-killer
2000-2200: good work buddy; not fantastic but pretty average
2200-2400: don't retake it, although it obviously doesn't guarantee anything</p>

<p>Thank you for the feedbacks. I better start working on my SATs then...</p>

<p>Ahtesham how did you friend Ibrahim get into those top ivy schools wit only a 2070? What extracurriculars/organizations/volunteering/activities did he do to get into Harvard?</p>

<p>Can a good IB score substitute for an average SAT Score?</p>

<p>No. It can't. but take the ACTs!!! Can't stress that more! That way you can also apply to Princeton and other Ivies. And ACT is really important.
I wish I had thy EC. I am in tenth grade, but have few. Meh.</p>

<p>What's more easier then ACT or SATs?</p>

<p>act is more easier but colleges give more priority to sat as it is more difficult than act...</p>

<p>Hi, I am just wondering if owning your own advertising company make you unique for harvard considering everything else is decent and lots of internships</p>

<p>Ahtesham you are completely wrong. ACT has pre calculus and SAT only goes up to algebra 2. ACT has a science section and is a race against time (you have longer time per section on the SAT). Please dont state your personal opinion and make it seem like a fact.</p>

<p>Also, it is false that colleges "prefer" the SAT. Ask ANY admissions officer and they will tell you that they really do not have a preference. You think that someone with a 34 ACT will be looked down upon because they will say it is an easier test? Both tests are accepted and no one can tell you whether you'd do better on the SAT vs. ACT we can't predict that.</p>