chances for harvard

<p>hi im an int'l student from france applying to hyp and stanford
SATI: Math 720 Verbal 800 (good enough or take it again?)
SAT II: not taken yet, but I've bought a prep book and hope to get 750+
My school record is pretty good. If i convert my (french) grades into american GPA, the unweighted gpa is about 3.95-4. I have no idea what the weighted gpa is. I'm one year ahead. Don't know if that counts. I've taken as many courses as I could. I'm fluent in French (and English of course) and I'm okay in German and Spanish. As for awards and all that stuff, we don't really have those sort of things in France. Sure I took part in a few Math or History contests and did ok. But thats about it. Its not that i wouldnt have been able to get awards, just that there was no opportunity.
By the way, I'm applying for Political science.
No work experience coz labour laws in france forbid under 16s to work (and I just turned 16 in august)
Now for EC's. My main activity is music. Ive been at the music conservatory for 6 years and I ve been playing the saxophone for 10. I play in an orchestra, Ive done jazz chamber music... And I performed in a series of concerts with professional musicians last year. (>2000 people at some concerts). Im a judo brown belt and im getting my black belt. (also 10 years)
Ive done a whole lot of other stuff regularly such as skiing tennis deep sea diving table tennis soccer etc.
Ive also taken part in school gvt. Ive been class president the last three years.
I havent got much experience in community service, there isn't any opportunity for it here!!! My mother,some other people and me founded an Indian association (she's Indian thats how i speak english ) for fund raising and promoting indian culture in France. And I help out in a school when i travel to India. over all 150h +
what dya think???</p>

<p>awards=certificate of honor for outstanding academic achievement
certificate of excellency in german
certificate of excellency in spanish
top 100 in a math contest (with more than 100k participants)
same for a geography contest</p>

<p>bump bump bump bump plz answer somebody!!!! give me an approximation of my chances plz!</p>

<p>You'll probably get in mostly because your from France, and I believe(although I may be wrong) that the competition comming from France is not as cut throat as in the U.S.</p>

<p>thx nice to hear that.
do they have quotas for int'l students?</p>

<p>bump bump anymore opinions?</p>