chances for hispanic male???

<p>MAY---> SAT I: 670 M 700 V </p>

<p>October-----> SAT I: 710 M 640 V</p>

<p>December------> Retaking SAT I</p>

<p>SAT II: 630 IIC 660 Wri 750 US
---> will retake in NOV + physics
---> prolly 700+ in math IIC
i doubt i can get over 700 in writing</p>

<p>top 10 % </p>

<p>4.1/4.5 GPA UW</p>

<p>APUSH last year
5 AP's this year </p>

<p>EC's are average
hopefully my recs and essay will be good.</p>

<p>I am Hispanic from a poor city.</p>

<p>I would like to double major in engineering and (economics or business), so if you have any suggestions for some good match schools please suggest.</p>

<p>Prospective schools </p>

Carnegie Mellon
John Hopkins

<p>CAn anyone give me a reality check? I know I'm being overzealous, but to what extent?</p>

<p>I really would prefer to go to a school in the northeast. Please give suggestions if u think of any.</p>

<p>You have a good chance. And telling it how it is, being Hispanic, an underrepresented minority, helps you tremendously. Again, make sure you have stellar essays. A girl from my school got into Harvard with similar stats as yours, if not even lower. However, she was Hispanic and had excellent essays and recommendations. Good luck.</p>


<p>Ok, here's your reality check</p>

<p>sure, the fact that you are hispanic (as am I) will help you tremendously and will set your priority above many other applicants. Remember that ivy league admissions are always a mystery to everyone; people generally expected to enter will not. You have a list of schools that are primarily reaches- perhaps you should consider some alternative, less-competitive schools (you know, just in case). I highly discourage you from taking your SAT again, statistics show that students profit very little from more than two attempts. In your application, stress the fact that you come from a poor city--Princeton especially, i know, is trying to outdo their white, preppy reputation. With all that said, I think you have competitive stats for most of these schools and I wish you the best of luck...but don't rest assured you have a foot in the door anywhere.</p>


<p>P.S. now that I have evaluated you, please evaluate me. My post is in both the "Princeton" and the "What are my chances?" forum.</p>

<p>I disagree with you on taking SATs more than twice. Yes, Harvard's website does say taking tests "more than twice offers dimishing results." However, this is purely up to the individual. If you truly are motivated, then you can improve your scores. I am a perfect example. My first testing was a 1300, my second a 1340. Seeing how my scores seemed to have reached a plateau, I was greatly distraught, but decided that I am better than some number so I studied my ass off. I ended up in my third testing with a 1480 (140 point increase!). So yes, it can be done!</p>

<p>Ever for an under-represented minority, I think alot of those are still reaches. You should apply to few safer schools to fall back on. Since Harvard and many ivy leagues have mysterious admissions techniques I suggest you take the few peices of advice that they give you. One of which is not to take SAT/ACT's too many times (More than 2), but in the end that is up to you. They will still look at your other 2 SAT scores too, since you cant hide those from them.</p>

<p>why does it matter if I take the SAT a third time? It can only help, right???</p>

<p>I thought most colleges just took the highest scores from all your sittings.</p>

<p>At most schools you would
But top schools, I'd advise not to, because it shows lack of coinfidence and alot of them advise not to go past 2 testes. They will still see all your scores regardless.</p>

<p>On the list that I asked CC'ers to look at, would USC, UMARYLAND, Northwestern, and John Hopkins be matches???????</p>

<p>bumpy lumpy tell me my chancy</p>

<p>Here is my opinion:</p>

<p>Rice...Very Good
Princeton...Good (ED)
Carnegie Mellon...Excellent
UPenn...Very Good
John Hopkins...Very Good

<p>Just remember that your essays and recs are very important. I would not be discouraged. I would definately ED/EA/SCEA if possible, especially if you have a first choice that gurentees to meet your financial need (if any). In any case, good luck on your college search and selection.</p>

<p>I hope this helps you. :)</p>

<p>Thank you very much blaineko</p>