Chances for Honors program

<p>NY Male Public HS</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 90 Weighted 94
SAT 2010: 590 CR 750 Math 670 writing
SAT 2 American: 710 MAth 1: 670
Senior classes: AP calc AB (93 thru 1 quarter) AP Enviro (88) Economics (95) Psych (91) Mystery Lit (92 senior elective)</p>

<p>Extra currics:
Head coach of a charity bball team
Jewish youth group,
Math Honor Society
Math Tutor
SAT math Tutor
Lifeguard/ water safety instructor
Varsity Golf team
Varsity basketball manager (jr year)</p>

<p>Huge grade trend improvement: 83 weighted avg sophomore year (personal issues) and 97 Junior year</p>

<p>Great Recs and i feel great essay</p>

<p>Really love the school and had a great visit. </p>

<p>Would love to do honors college or university scholars, but also want to know if i have a good shot for the regular school as well. </p>

<p>Good luck everyone else!</p>

<p>Your Cr score, Gpa, few ap classes and the fact your out of state really hurt your chances. Im going to say you have a very slim chance for honors, but who knows. Goodluck</p>

<p>For regular admission? also have expressed interest and met the rep several times. UMD is quickly becoming a top choice.</p>

<p>Dont you have to apply by priority to get into honors?</p>

<p>Your SAT and GPA are low for Honors, but I got into Honors with a 1990 SAT (1300 CR + Math, and you're higher than that) and I was also out-of-state, from a NY private school. But my GPA was like a 97 unweighted so I think that helped a lot. But I do feel like Honors looks a bit at the essay, because I don't know why else I got in with my lower SAT (I think the Honors average is like around a 1400 CR+M they said). So if your essays are really good like you think that should help. I'd say probably in for the university at least. Did you apply to an LEP program?</p>

<p>LEP? not sure what that is.... i did the app a while ago</p>

<p>How does one become eligible for the Honors program? I'm applying Regular Decision and don't see any special option to apply for an Honor Program.</p>

<p>Everyone admitted is automatically considered for Honors and Scholars.</p>

<p>Also the LEP's are limited enrollment programs..they're a little harder to get into (though they vary). University</a> of Maryland - Limited Enrollment Progams If you just applied general though you don't have to worry about it.</p>

<p>I don't think you will get honors at all. Both gpa and SAT are low. DD only got scholars with a 1370/1600 SAT and a 3.9 GPA and 3.46 WGPA. She was IB and AP student. I think you will have good chance of being admitted regular decision. You may get scholars.</p>