Chances for HPS, MIT, and UChicago

<p>Hi, I am a rising senior and I will be applying to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, UChicago, and Stanford and will major in math or physics most likely.</p>

<p>-Unweighted GPA: 3.86, Weighted GPA: 4.32, Community College GPA: 4.0(only 4 classes).</p>

<p>-Class Rank: top 10% in a class of 400.</p>

<p>-I have taken 9 ap exams and probably 6 of them are 5's and 3 are 4's(didnt recieve the scores for some of them yet). I will do 5-6 AP's senior year. Also, I will finish DFQ+Linear Algbera+Engineering Physics II(its like physicsC E&M only more in depth) in a CC by end of 1st semester senior year. Also, I will get an associate's in applied science from the CC in may/june of next year(not sure if this affects admission chances).</p>

<p>-My SAT is 2150 (math 800, reading 650, writing 700) and my ACT is 30 (33 if suprescored)</p>

<p>-SAT II's: Biology 660, Math1 750, US History 670, Math2 800, Hebrew 800, Physics 720( I mgiht retake physics and US history)</p>

<p>-EC's: I play violin in Youth Symphony, Distrct Orchestra, and State Orchestra and have been tutoring kids on violin for free for 2 years. I play viola section leader in my school orchestra. President of ping pong club, where I started the first competitive team and hosted the first competition in my county. President and creator of National Commnity Service Performers, a selective state organization for top high school musicians that I started, where we perform in retirement communitites and fund raising events. Will be President of math club next year, where I will prepare students for competition such as AMC, AIME, etc. VP in KCNCSY, an club for Jewish teens from all over the city.</p>

<p>-Employment-My only work is private violin lesson, which I started giving this year once a week.</p>

<p>-Honors/Awards- won 3rd in a national math competition for 8-9 grades in Israel when I was in 8th grade. 1st place in AMATYC( math competition for community colleges) in my county and certificate for outstanding achievemnt on the national competition, which i got this year. Total of 12 medals on highest ranks in violin and viola solo/quartet festivals at district and state level. Got President's silver award for 200+ community service hours.</p>

<p>-recs/essays- I will get recs from physics and Englsih teacher in september. Essay is about how the mix of Israeli and Ameriican mentalities helped in creating NCSP(National Community Service Performers), but I havent finished it yet.</p>

<p>-additional information: my family is very poor. I moved to the US from Israel right before freshmen year and lived with grandparents for 2 years. Then my mom moved here and now I live with her; she is unemployed. I speak english, russian(my entire family is russian) and hebrew fluently; Englsih is better than my Russian but worse than my Hebrew. I am participating in a research project in physics(nothing serious, i play a minor role). I will attend SSP(summer science program) this summer, where I will do a research project about astreoids.</p>

<p>I am sorry if this was too long. Thx for taking the time to read this and chance me! :)</p>

<p>SAT too low</p>

<p>^She has perfectly valid reasons...
Make sure other parts of your app are outstanding.</p>

<p>ok, ill work on sat. is everytihng else ok?</p>

<p>Also SAT II Physics is too low for a physics major</p>

<p>otherwise your profile is really solid I'm just nitpicking.</p>

<p>well, then should I retake the satI in october or the satII physics(which i can get to 780-800)?</p>

<p>If it's one or the other than go with the SAT I.</p>

<p>ok. overall, do you think i have a good shot at those school?</p>

<p>remember U chicago doesn't count writing, so your terrific SAT score is only a really good (but not great) 1350.</p>

Chicago- low reach

<p>With just top 10% and scores--you can try but this is very, very ambitious and you need many more realistic schools.</p>

<p>Wait, so you say that my chances are significantly lowered because my rank and scores are too low?
See, the thing is: if i would want to be valedictorian or something along those lines, I would just do all 20 ap's, but i chose the harder way, the cc classes, which are not weighted which lowered my rank/gpa in a sense.
Another question: my low gpa is a result of 7 b's which i got in histroy and english classes during freshmen and sophmore years when my english was bad. do you think the colleges will take that into account or view like any other american applicants?</p>