Chances for HYP pls

<p>I am in a New York City Specialized High School and was wondering if I should keep my hopes up about my chances for admission at HYP and Columbia, Cornell, MIT, and NYU. Here are my stats:
2300 on SATs (800,780,720)
SAT II- Bio-800 Chem-800 US History-760
GPA (out of 100)- 99.1
Ranking- atleast Top 5% out of 1100 students
EC's- Wrestling Team 9,10,11,12
Football Team 10,11
NYCSEF- Contestant 10th, Finalist 11th
ISEF Contestant- 11
Intel ISEF Contestant- 11
Writer for School Newspaper- 9,10,11,12
Class Treasurer- 10,11,12
Columbia Science Honors Program- 11,12
800+ Hours Volunteer Work
AP's- Chem- 5
Macroeconomics- 4
US History- 3
US Govt- 5
Calculus BC-5
Environmental Sci-5
Trig- 5
Decent Essay and Good Recs</p>


<p>You will def. get accepted to NYU and Cornell. </p>

<p>As for the other schools, you have strong stats and strong extra’s esp. with all the competitions. </p>

<p>You seem to have a good chance, but you never know with schools like that.</p>

<p>Well, what do you mean by definitely for Cornell and NYU? I don’t mean to sound like CC’s usual humble d-bag but I would hardly call Cornell or NYU a safety, or even a low reach.</p>

<p>Also, I got a couple bad, still passing but bad, grades in Gym a couple times. It doesn’t carry any weight in my school, but will it matter to colleges?</p>

<p>All classes you took should appear on your transcript and therefore be calculated as part of your GPA. If not, then I have no idea what kind of PE you were taking-- it is my understanding that a unit (or two) of PE are state requirements nationwide. If you failed PE or something, it might be a red flag that you aren’t well-balanced or something. Still, as a member of the wrestling team you must be pretty athletic.</p>

<p>In my case, PE does count on my transcript. However, it actually hurts my weighted GPA despite the fact I got an A every semester. Its worth 4.0, whereas my Honors are worth 4.4 and AP’s 4.48.</p>

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<p>What I’m trying to say is that while it is still required to pass PE in my school, and the grade will be shown on the transcript. However, PE grades are not averaged in to my GPA in my school. If they were, my GPA would be slightly lowered. I received a 65 (still passing, but barely) once during freshman year, but ever since I’ve done much better.</p>

<p>That’s really strange. My school has retention GPA (core classes only) for retention purposes, but overall GPA includes PE and electives. I don’t know how much a 65 will dent your GPA (maybe like 1 or 2 points?), but its going to look a bit funky with the upside 9 in the tens place among its fellows.</p>

<p>Lucky you. a 65 is a F at my school. We use the completely insane 7 point scale.</p>

<p>bump, any more chances ppl?</p>

<p>I don’t think chancing you is necessary, since you have a solid application, or so it seems. Your question should be if you should improve anything. I would say that you should choose an EC that you have dedicated most of your time to and elaborate. Maybe your volunteer work?</p>

<p>Honestly, I think your stats are good, like much of the other applicants applying. I just don’t see a super standout point about you. Ask yourself how you are different from other kids, why schools should take you, and what makes you better than others, and you will be able to chance yourself. I suggest trying to sell yourself as differently as others, with a special talent or skill. Looking at your stats, I can see some of your interest in science, but other than that, you’re kind of all over the place. But that’s just how I see it.</p>