Chances for HYP?

<p>Hey guys, my major is Biology and I was just wondering how I stand for admission to HYP (Princeton is my favorite btw)</p>

<p>[ *] ACT:35
[ *] UM unweighted GPA: 4.0
[ *] Other Stats: APUS: 4 , AP World: 4, AP Chem: 5 (Rest were IB's)
[ *] Rank: 2
[ *] Subjective (ECs, special circumstances, etc):
Founder of Non Profit Organization
Debate Team Captain
Editor in Chief of Newspaper
Varsity Basketball, Captain
500 Hours Volunteering at Children's Museum
300+ Hours volunteering at local Hospital
Job since Freshman year
Black Belt Holder
IB Diploma Candidate
[ *] Essays: good
[ *] Teacher Recs: great
[ *] Counselor Rec: great
[ *] Hook (legacy, recruited athlete, etc.): none =(
[ *] State or Country: Virginia
[ *] School Type: Public, Competitive
[ *] Ethnicity: Indian
[ *] Gender: Male
[ *] major strength/weakness: GPA, Rank, ACT score= Strength. Lack of hook is weakness</p>

<p>Your stats keep you in consideration but you must give them a reason to choose you over the other 15K with similar stats.</p>