Chances for in-state student?

<p>So...I'm not taking insane amounts of ap classes, im just your average joe. so chance me.</p>

<p>Eth: White
Sex: Male
State: NC
Grade: Junior
Major: Biology ..pre-med
GPA: 3.8
location: In-state</p>

<p>AP's - Through End of Junior Year
-AP Environmental Science(3)
-AP US History(3)
-AP English 11(2)</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
-AP English 12
-AP Human Geography
-H Chemistry 1
-H Pre-Calculas
-Spanish 2
-Art 3
-Weight Training - I'm trying to drop art 3 and weight training for AP Studio Art
SAT: 1520 out of 2400</p>

-Varsity Lettermen for Swim Team last 2 years, and senior year too hopefully. And a conference participant in swimming last 2 years.
-Travel AA Ice Hockey (9, 10, 11)
-Beta Club (11,12)
-Community Service: Mobile meals, volunteer at church to do landscape work and clean ups.
-Blood Drives</p>

<p>-Job: Lifeguard at the YMCA (June 2007 till present)</p>

<p>Honors, Recognitions, Awards, Program:
-World Conservation Award (Scouting Award)
-Brotherhood Member of the Order of the Arrow (Scouting's National Honor Society)
-Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Visualization I for the 2006-2007 School Year
-Award for Perfect Attendance for the 2007-2008 School Year</p>

<p>My College List:
UNC-Chapel Hill
Wake Forest
Appalachian State
Guilford College</p>


<p>Have you thought about retaking the SAT? Your GPA and extracurricular activities look good, and Eagle Scout never hurts, but UNC is getting more and more competitive by the year.</p>

<p>You definitely have a shot at UNC-W, though, and I have a friend who had somewhere between a 1400 - 1500 out of 2400 get into the honors program at UNC-G, and she loves it there, so don't lose hope when it comes to a school in the system.</p>

<p>if you posted this a month ago, i would have said go take the dec. ACT , have you tried the ACT , this test saved me i almost have the exact scores on the SAT i took it 2 times and then i turned to ACT and my scores are 29 on avg this is a 400 point increase or more. sometimes the wording of the test makes the difference.</p>

<p>not great.....i have a 4.1 gpa played football for 4 years and lettered...played violin for 13 (!) years and was a national merit commended AP scholar (for AP exam grades) i volunteered for habitat for humanity and the food bank etc....and i got deferred (THANKS UNC!!!)</p>

<p>You don't have nearly enough AP's, and you only have two years of a language. Don't write it off of your list, but nothing is for sure.</p>