Chances for international cum laude (GPA 4.0)

<p>At the moment I am orientating for a couple Master's in Management or Marketing in the United States. I am quite interested in the following programs:</p>

<li>MSc in Marketing - Columbia Business School </li>
<li>MSc in Management - Fuqua School of Business - Duke University</li>
<li>MSc in Global Entrepreneurship - Babson College </li>

<p>I have the following profile:
- Converted (Dutch -> American) GPA of 4.0 (Cum Laude, #1 of graduating class, top 5-10% of overall faculty, large university in the Netherlands)
- GMAT of 690 (possibility to increase it to 710/720 by retaking the course)
- Several business ventures and management internships </p>

<p>Can an (international) student perhaps advise me about these universities are within reach? I understand that the factors for admission are really broad. And how do American Universities treat international degrees?</p>


<p>A very large proportion (I believe 40%+) of HBS 2010 consists of internatinoal students.I hope this helps</p>

Your stats are inline with those Msc programs. For Msc programs, work experience isn't as important as with MBA; they primary look at stats. I would say you are competitive. If you can up your GMAT to 700+, it would give you an leg up.</p>

<p>Thank you for answering. overachiever91 and liu02bhs. </p>

<p>Do business schools accept the translation/conversion by an official agency? My cumulative grades are 85%/100% (with a couple of 'converted' B's& B-'s, but due to our rating system those have not any effect on our 'GPA'), that's converted straight A's.</p>

<p>Any more advice guys? :-)</p>

<p>Has someone more advice regarding the GPA conversion system?</p>