Chances for Ivies, international student

I just googled for a bit and found out that most ivy league schools have suspended their usual SAT/ACT testing requirements due to the ongoing pandemic.
I am a student living in Iran hoping to apply in the coming months.

my stats are as follows (note that AP or IB classes are not offered in Iran and we all have a fixed curriculum. However I was in NODET (national organization for the development of exceptional talents) which means are curriculum was rigorous.

GPA : 19.4/20

Toefl : Not taken yet but hopefully > 100

Senior Year Course Load: Fixed curriculum meaning I had no say over my course load. Chemistry 4, Physics 4, Math 4, Biology 4, Geology 2, English 4, Persian Language and Literature 4, Islamic Studies 4

Also I got placed 59th among 130,000 participants in an English Language competition.

Extracurricular Activities :
2 silver medals in the national biology olympiad (about 40,000 participants)
Translated Harry potter and the cursed child only 2 weeks after it came out into persian (worked with a group) , also translated 2 other mini books about the harry potter world
Currently writing a book on systems biology and synthetic biology (Hoping to get it published in the coming month)

Volunteer/Community Services :
It’s not a thing here in Iran but I’ve worked for free as a mentor in some major competitions. Also there are hours of free tutoring for my classmates interested in Biology.


It’s really important to know because I have to spend hours preparing for the application process and in just 2 months the Universities start here in Iran. So I gotta be fast

Thank you guys in advance !

I don’t think anyone would discourage you from trying. It sounds like you could be a reasonably competitive candidate. “In the ballpark” as we say here.

Where international students struggle is with finances. Only a few of colleges will not consider your ability to pay as part of your application AND will help you make up the difference between the amount you can pay and what they charge. So first, you need a Plan B in your own country. Then you need to talk to your parents about how much they can afford. Start your research with that number in mind.

I See.
about the finance part, you’re right I’m really tight on money here. my family can’t afford 50K a year (I think even 10K would be a lot ! LOL) for a private university so It’s either with substantial financial aid or no admission at all !
Well frankly I can study medicine here in Iran in top schools (tbh I already have an admission to the best University in Iran)
That is exactly what complicates matters here. I really don’t know if I should even apply !! (keep in mind that I’m an Iranian which means I’m a resident of one of those banned countries in the US so my chances are really slim for getting a visa.

Hope you get what I’m talking about.
Anyway thanks for your reply !

Salam MadasMax!

Those are very impressive stats. Have you taken the Konkoor exam? Why not consider Sharif and come here for grad school?

Salam Alaikom
Yes I have taken the konkoor but I can’t consider sharif Since I’m a Tajrobi student. I can consider studying medicine in Tehran University but then there’s no way I can apply (at least for the next 7 years !!!)
I got a friend who’s gonna study Computer Science at sharif and I bet he’ll appreciate any help you could give him. I can’t PM you because I’m a new member, so will you PM me to get into contact ?!
Many thanks in advance !

I didn’t realize you hope to study medicine. If that is the case, and you already have an acceptance from the best university in Iran, you should go there. While you would be able to do undergraduate studies in the US, it is highly unlikely you would be allowed to continue on to attend medical school here. Only about 25 international students are enrolled in US medical schools total, and those students are mostly Canadian citizens.

Perhaps your university in Iran would allow you to do a study abroad for a semester or a year?