Chances for Ivy League?

<p>Sup. I'd be truly truly honored if you would chance me, dawg.</p>

<p>here's my info:
junior at a public high school in suburbia
asian male OH GOD, I KNOW RIGHT?
uw gpa: 4.0 w gpa: yeah, my school has like 3 different ways of doing gpa's. but my transcript says my "acad weighted gpa cumulative" is a 4.38
sat 1: LOL somewhere like 2000 (i took it in frosh, taking this march)
sat 2: 800 on latin, prolly gonna study up for math 2
ap's: 5 on euro and calc ab in soph</p>

<p>course load:
frosh was regular, but honors alg 2 trig
soph was regular but ap calcab and ap euro
june is : hon english 3, apush, ta, physics, apchem, ap calc bc, latin 3
senior plan: ap compartive gov/econ, ap eng, ap stat, ap music theory, ap latin, ta</p>

<p>academic achieve's:
i like latin cuz latin is da bomb yo.
perfect score on national latin exam soph year
california junior classical league convention: frosh year overall academic winner, soph year overall academic winner and overall combined winner (basically this means that i got the most 1st places in oratory, academic tests, quiz bowl, etc)
national junior classical league convention: placed 6th overall in the nation for academics (a bunch of 1st 2nd and 3rd places in various tests like roman life and classical art)
vice pres at latin club this year
captain of latin quiz bowl team, 2nd at state</p>

i like da cello cuz the cello is cool like ice cool, brooo
2nd place in music teacher's national association competition for junior string players
1st in american fine arts festival, american protege, individualis competitions
toured costa rica as principal cellist of youth orchestra and played concerto with them as winner of concerto competition
performances with california symphony & pacific chamber orchestra, as soloist
on "rising stars of california" roster, doing some recitals
played on "from the top" a radio show for npr
played at carnegie hall a couple times mainly for winners concerts of competitions</p>

i want to go to harvard, just like you. the ivies are cool, i like them. they are just awesome.
i am an asian male, meaning, I'M SCREWED BABY YEAHHH jk.</p>

<p>now. income bracket's upper middle class. i don't even play any sports. yeah.
I need: to get a great sat score, and study for another sat ii, also i need to finish off this semester well. </p>

<p>what are my chances at getting into HAHVAHHD and the rest of teh High Society Club.
also: stanford and u chicago (my dad went to u chicago, so yeah.)</p>



<p>You've got a good shot at top schools. It's hard to say much without a more recent SAT or your rank. I'm not really sure how impressive your awards are, but if they are prestigious, that will help you a lot. Would be nice to see some work experience.</p>

<p>well, i got a 233 on the psat, so i hope i get a much better sat score this time around. </p>

<p>the jcl isn't that prestigious, but the level is pretty darn high. i had to study a heckk of a lot to place 6th at nationals.</p>

<p>mtna, however, is pretty prestigious for young musicians.</p>

<p>Yo bro, the admissions game at H Y P S is all about first getting in the game with top stats which you seem to be on the right track assuming you can put up 2300 - 2400 SATS. Next, once you're in the game, then come the really hard part bro: setting yooouuself apart from the hundreds of the Asians who is perfect SAT scoring, 5.0 on a 4.0 scale GPAing, valedictorianing, piano/violin/cello first seat in the orchestra playing, class presidenting who are rejected as often as my 5'2" skinny aaassss going to the hoop on Dwight Howard.</p>

<p>Now, if I was you, I woulds come out with a raps album to sets meself aparts from the rests of the Asian robots. On yo applications, don't even mentions cello bro. Think about it, how impressives is that when the rests of the Asians you is competings againsts also do piano/violin/cello/chess? Now, imagines how much mo street creds you woulds have if you was mades a raps album and encloses a copies for the admissions committies to enjoys. You doesn't even needs to be good bro, you could be likes Banana Ice and you would still sets yoself aparts from the rest of the Asian robots. All kiddings asides bro, the ideas is to be differents, your challenge is to finds outs what make you differents, comprenday?????</p>


<p>I would, if I felt like it, but I'd rather go up against Dwight Howard.
I still have a chance at getting through his legs and making a lay up!</p>

<p>Jeremy Lin makes a video: How To Get Into Harvard How</a> to Get into Harvard ft. Ryan Higa - YouTube</p>

<p>I think the only question mark for you is your SAT score. "From the Top" is pretty good--my son knows several kids at Yale who were on the show, so I think that helps. The Latin stuff is good--don't stop doing that. If you're thinking about majoring in classics, make sure you say so on your applications.</p>