Chances for Johns Hopkins

<p>Hi, I'm a senior and I plan to apply to JHU ED (behavioral biology) this November. How are my chances?</p>

-my school does not rank
-unweighted: 3.83
-weighted: 4.17 (my school doesn't weight GPAs but I calculated it myself)
-one note: I had mostly A's and a few B's. Unfortunately, I received a C second semester in my Junior year... very bad timing.</p>

-I took 3 AP classes (Biology[4], US History[4], Calc BC[5]) junior year
-I am taking 5 AP classes this year (Chemistry, Literature, Spanish, Statistics, Macroeconomy)</p>

-PSAT: 223
-SAT I: Verbal(710), Writing(770), Math(800) = 2280
-SAT Subject Tests: Math IIC(800), Korean w/Listening(800), Biology(800)
-ACT w/ writing: 35</p>

-Student Government: Secretary 3 years, Vice President 1 year (Student council all four years)
-Future Business Leaders of America (HUGE national business club for those who are unfamiliar): Chapter Social Chair 1 year, Vice President 1 year, Secretary/Treasurer 1 year
-Virtual Business Challenge (competition offered by FBLA): 1st place for the State of CA, 1st in the nation (all in my Junior year)
-200 hours of volunteer service at El Camino Hosiptal. I was also recently promoted to Shift Captain.
-Yearbook Photo Editor for two years
-Senior Award from Music Teachers' Association of California for piano
-Humanitarian Project with World Family to Gara Dima, Ethiopia during my winter break of Junior year
-Church Youth Praise Band Leader for five years
-Job as tutor during Junior Summer</p>

<p>Letters of Rec:
-one from my guidance counselor
-one from my American Literature Honors teacher from Junior Year
-one from my Spanish teacher who has taught me for Span3, Span4 H, and Span5 AP.
(is it better than I receive one from my biology teacher since I am applying for behavioral biology?)</p>

<p>Please reply with explanations! Thank you...</p>