Chances for junior considering Cornell ED

<p>Okay, I'm a junior from a not-so-competitivie public high school in upstate New York. I know that being from NY puts me at a disadvantage in the applicant pool because I'm "overrepresented", but will the fact that my school is not competitive and sends less than half of its students to four-year colleges show that it's not some fancy rich school in Westchester? I hope so, no one from my school ever goes to an ivy or anything close to it, so I don't really know much about this...</p>

<p>Please rate my chances at:
Cornell ED
Tufts ED II if I don't get into Cornell ED
Boston College
Univerisity of Rochester
SUNY Geneseo
SUNY Buffalo
Ithaca College</p>

SAT: 1370 (660 V, 710 M, gonna retake in december, sadly this was the highest score in my school)... I will also take the New SAT in the spring, based on practice tests I'm expecting ~2100
Have not yet taken SAT II's
GPA: usually hovers around 98%, taking hardest courses available
Class Rank: 1/210, I would give up my right arm before letting someone else get my number 1 spot, so this will not change
AP's taking/will take: US History, European History, Calculus AB, English, Biology, Spanish (self study), Music theory (self study)... most ever taken at my school</p>

<p>I plan on majoring in Psychology, maybe minor in math or physics, then going to medical school and becoming a neurologist</p>

Study of trumpet for 8 years by graduation...brass section leader grades 10-12, president of band next year, exceptance into All-County, Area All-State, and hopefull conference All-State bands, Local Youth Symphony orchestra, private lessons, NYSSMA Solo festival every year, jazz ensemble, several paid performances at churches and what not, I plan to write an essay about the trumpet
Study of piano for 9 years by graduation, haven't done as much with this, just written and recorded some original music
Yearbook grades 9-12, editor 11-12
Peer Leadership (a service group, teach kids about good decsion making and stuff) grades 10-12
Student Council treasurer
Mathletes team, state's qualifier
National honor society</p>

<p>Awards: Not that many, bunch of "student of the Month" awards, "student of the year" awards in music and 11th grade math at the end of tenth grade, but my school's not huge on awards</p>

<p>Some volunteer work here and there, probably around 50 hours total</p>

<p>Summer school classes between 10th and 11th grade, plans for this summer are still a little open ended</p>

<p>My mom is a secretary with an associates degree, my dad is an artist/illustrator who attended college but did not receive a degree</p>

<p>White male, Catholic, if that would affect my chaces at BC</p>

<p>I will need financial aid too.</p>

<p>Thanks every one for your comments, those of you with negative comments, please tell me what I can do to improve my chances, other than raising my SAT score. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...</p>

<p>Looking at Cornell specifically, I'd say improving your SAT would be a good thing... Regardless, though, I'd work to get some outstanding recommendations. Your counselor, for example, could make it clear that not only are you ranked #1 for GPA, but you also had the highest SAT score. More importantly, he/she could relate an anecdote or two demonstrating your superior intellect and love of learning. ;) Colleges often cut some slack for students from weak high schools if it's clear they have performed at the highest level and taken advantage of all opportunities available to them.</p>

<p>University of Washington at St Louis has a good psychology program</p>

<p>B U M P</p>