Chances for Lafayette college

I’m an international student requiring a lot of financial aid
SAT: 1350
GPA: 3.65UW 4.3W
TOEFL: 109/120
Took 6 APs
Won national and then international Model European Parliament best delegate award
Won national First Global Challenge, Robotics, nominated for the international round
Won national (different country) Arabic orchestra competition
Built and raced an electric car
Launched my own startup
Captain of Soccer varsity and Leader of MUN club

Summer camps: Yale young global scholars (full scholarship to attend), LaunchX at MIT (full scholarship to attend),

I think your standardized tests are somewhat low for an international requiring full aid. But you never know - good luck.

Well your SAT is a little low and your GPA not that impressive, but particularly Lafayette doesn’t seem to weigh the SAT so heavily + you are in their 50th percentile so it’s not that bad. On the other side, national/international awards more than make up for those low scores. I bet that if you rock the personal statement and the Why us essay you’ll get in. Good luck!

P.D.: If the national awards are from big or generally competitive countries, make SURE you mention it. Winning a national award from a tiny, Latin American country is not nearly as impressive as winning a national award from India or the UK.

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