Chances for lawrenceville + exeter

hi im applying to just lville and exeter this year and im sort of stressed since the decision date is coming up so

general things:
im 14 and chinese and biologically female (im nonbinary but deeply closeted)
i only applied to lville and exeter bc they have harkness, i don’t rlly want to go to a prep school just because it’s a prep school and im honestly fine with staying at my current school if i don’t get into these

mostly a’s but a lot of b’s in stem subjects
my ssats r in the 99th percentile on all the sections bc my mom made me take it twice

my extracurriculars:
i do debate/model un and i have a few best speaker and best delegate awards
ig my main thing is writing and ive won two gold keys in journalism in my region’s scholastic art and writing awards and i have a few things published in magazines
i go to stanford online high school parttime in addition to my public school
i did student govt for a few years
i play piano and ive been to carnegie hall to perform several times and also europe for international competitions
i play oboe and im in school band and a youth orchestra in my area
i do track but not seriously and i didnt talk abt it at all on the application

essays: im generally pretty good at writing personal essays but i was rlly rushing through everything so it’s all over the place

my interviews went ok i think? with lville it was pretty good but exeter was kinda awkward and for both i talked a lot abt political stuff bc that’s the only thing i can hold a conversation in so idk

my recs:
i have my french teacher and piano teacher and they like me so ig those r good
i think i have a good letter from my english teacher but my math teacher and my principal dont rlly know me that well

other things:
my twin brother’s applying to the same schools and he’s a lot better academically (i literally cant do math) and idk if being twins makes our chances better or worse
i live near lville but i want to board
im rlly not that optimistic abt getting in but yea

thanks for reading also good luck yall

Decisions will be released in less than a week on March 10th. My best guess is that you will receive some good news.

If your overall SSAT score is 99 percentile, then you are proficient in math despite your claims to the contrary.

Relax as there is nothing more that you can do at this time regarding your pending applications.


I agree - if you got a 99% in math on the ssat you are excellent at math.

You sound like a very solid candidate.

thank you! and rlly no i’m just good at taking standardized tests

Dang, I have to compete against you and your awesome stats. Best of luck to you! Hope you get into your desired schools.

No. Don’t sell yourself short. You scored well because you knew the material and applied it to the test.

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