Chances for liberal arts schools?

<p>Sorry for contributing one more post to the "chance-me" pool, I just need to know how competitive of an applicant I am for liberal arts schools ranging from Skidmore to Kenyon to Wesleyan--any school suggestions are welcome. Here goes:</p>

<p>General Info:
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Home State: Virginia
Intended Major: English, maybe something political/social also</p>

<p>Test Scores:
SAT I: 2160 (740CR, 670M, 750W)
SAT II: taking Lit, Bio, and possibly Latin in fall
Unweighted GPA: 3.6ish (4.17 weighted)
Rank: top 11% or so
AP: World History (3); waiting on Lang, Micro, Macro, US History, Latin (none should be lower than 3)
Senior Year Course Load: AP Bio, AP Calc AB, AP US/Comp Gov, AP Lit, AP Human Geo, possibly AP Environmental</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
1. President of school's Young Democrats & Independents Club--occasional volunteer work with local political groups
2. President of school's Poetry Club--published three books with Book-in-a-Day program
3. Varsity Swim Team--most likely going to be a captain next year
4. National Honor Society member--36 volunteer hours required per year
5. Latin Honor Society member
6. Attending UVA Young Writers Workshop soon
7. Part-time job since last summer, 10-20 hours per week</p>

1. Outstanding Social Studies Student in 9th grade
2. Rising Math Star in 10th grade
3. Outstanding English Student & Outstanding Social Studies Student in 11th grade
4. Published an essay in "The English Journal" this past year</p>

- Very challenging curriculum with mostly A's (junior year: AP Econ, APUSH, AP Latin, AP Lang, Honors English, Chemistry, Pre-calculus)
- Essays should be strong
- Recommendations should be strong
- Demonstrated passion/excellence in English (probable field of study)</p>

- Less than great class rank (competitive high school)
- Received two B-'s this past year (one in math, one in history)</p>