Chances for mccombs/ ross/ stern/ wharton (lol)

<p>Im in the state of texas at a very competetive high school.
Im taking full Ib classes as well as filling the rest of my schedule with AP classes. Gpa/rank pretty much suck. </p>

Writing: 32; Essay: 10
Math: 34
Reading: 32
Science: 25 (Allergies/headache kicked in at worst possible time)
I retook Act for science section, havent recieved scores back yet. </p>

<p>Rank: 10.1% at tier 1 school, class of 1407 students
UW: 3.975 </p>


<p>Grand Prize at Regional Science Fair
4th Place at state
3rd Place ISWEEP (Int' Science Fair)
Coast Guard Award at Intel ISEF</p>

<p>3rd Place FBLA State
Top 5 at DECA state (qualified for DECA Internationals)</p>

<p>Participating in Nanoexplorers internship at U of Texas at Dallas for summer research</p>

<p>President of Laser (Science Fair Club)
Vice President of Asian Club
President of Youth Group
Various volunteering experiences. </p>

<p>What are my chances for Mccombs/ Virginia/ Ross/ Haas/stern/ wharton?
Thank you very much. And please be honest.</p>