Chances for me at Colgate

Hey guys, what do you think my ED chances are at Colgate?

  • GPA: Not sure, but an average of an A- probably. The school doesn't say.
  • IB: I take the IB diploma so all my classes for 11th/12th grades are IB
  • SAT I: 2010
  • Didn't ask for any financial aid
  • Extracurriculars: Varsity soccer team captain grades 11/12, varsity basketball team captain grade 12, marathon runner, president of habitat for humanity club, lots of other community service, vocal coaching and guitar outside of school, have a vocal performance diploma from the Rockschool of music. Sent in a music supplement of my singing as well.
  • I'm from America but I live in India, so that might be interesting?
  • Recommendations were good I think? Haven't seen them of course.


I would say your chances are OK, average.