Chances for me at UGA and/or GA Tech?

I’m mostly planning to go to college here in Georgia since it’s cheaper so UGA and Tech are my top two. I’m mostly interested in studying Computer Science or Engineering. Here are some of my high school stats (as of the end of my junior year):

Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Filipino (Asian/Pacific Islander)
GPA (weighted) - 4.00
Class Rank - 58 out of 650
Cumulative Grade Percent Average - 97.111%
SAT Score: (1st try) CR: 550 Math: 650 Writing: 660 Total: 1860
(I will be taking the October SAT in hopes of getting at least a 2100)
SAT II: Chemistry - 680
AP Classes(w/ scores): Biology(3), World History(3), Chemistry(4), Computer Science(1), Physics I(2), US History(3), Latin(3)
ACT: Planning on taking the October one as well
Clubs: National Honors Society, DECA, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society), Latin Club (Latin Tutor)
w/ about +50 community service hours
Honors/Awards: I’m not 100% sure what it is but during sophomore year, an award ceremony was held and I got a letter for a letter jacket earned for getting As in my classes. I’ve gotten 1 Cum Laude in the National Latin Exam and 2 Maxima Cum Laudes.
Summer Activities: didn’t do much academically but I did do a sort of Basketball Training Camp but don’t think it will count anyway

In terms of colleges not in Georgia, I am interested in UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, Princeton, and Stanford.

I’m worried that my lack of real leadership positions/activities will hurt my chances since I’ve heard it has for some of my friends. Also would not having had a job before hurt my chances? I plan on getting one probably during this semester but I don’t know if I will make the deadline.

I’m a rising senior if I didn’t make that clear and I’m planning on getting recommendations from my Pre-Calculus teacher and my AP Latin teacher from junior year. My counselor is also writing recommendations for myself and all her assigned students. I have spoken to her twice about college admissions during junior year.