Chances for me to get into RPI

GPA 3.3 (ik, very low, I do have a very steep upward trend though)
ACT 35
SAT 1500 (idk if i should send)
Ethnicity; Half Indian, Half White
Intented Major; Either Biology or Chemistry im not sure yet, premed track
I’ve taken an equal mix of honors and regular courses and AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Calc BC

I’ve shown interest by visiting the campus, not sure it will be significant though

EC; 100 hours of volunteering as a therapy aide at a physical therapy hospital
I’ve been playing piano for 12 years, I’ve performed (in group setting) at The Palace
Theater and SPAC. I do 3-4 recitals at UAlbany per year. I played piano for a hurricane

relief fundraiser and at nursing homes.
Robotics Club in soph.
Latin Club in soph.
Tutor at Kumon Learning Center from Junior to present
Commended by National Merit Program
Will graduate with Regents Diploma with Honors
A couple small school awards, most significantly an award for GPA of above 95 in
junior year and scoring 100 on the chemistry regents.

I think my essay is pretty good, my teachers agree.

I know students with your stats who got into RPI. I think you will get in without a problem.

I also happen to think this is THE year to get into RPI. They are under a lot of controversy right now with the summer ARC program and they just shut down another fraternity. Shirley Jackson has been going after the Greek system which agree or disagree, it’s causing alumni to lose support for the school and putting a damper in the social life for those who want that.

While it is possible that he gets in, only 10% of the applicants that have lower than a 3.5 get in and a 3.3 would be even less.

however - his exam scores for ACT & SAT’s are top notch, no? pair this with a solid essay, chances look good? gpa isn’t everything, plus he’s been in a uptick. have faith, visit the school and speak with admissions

Can someone chance me for regular decision (Major: Science - Undeclared)?

UGPA 3.55 (WGPA 3.87) for the first 3 years
Senior mid-year grades: UGPA 3.66 (WGPA 4.28)
SAT 1370 (Math 670, EBRW 700)
8 APs, 6 Honors and 2 DEs classes
lots of extracurricular activities and leaderships
OOS (Virginia)

@PLO2020 I think you have a very good shot. The difference may be in the merit offered. I suggest using CAPPEX site as it seems to be pretty accurate (although data points are self reported). Also, RPI just changed the AP policy so if that is a factor check the small print. They were always pretty strict requiring 4 or 5 for credit, but now in most cases you need a 5 for credit.

@Spark2018 Thanks for your feedback and valuable information on RPI. Here is what I got from Cappex and Parchment based on my stats - Cappex: 60-75%, Parchment: 55%/44%.