Chances For Me?

Good evening,
I am sure all of you might have grown tired of looking at these posts and replying, but please help a fellow student here :slight_smile:
So I’ll try to give you as much as information as possible, since the application process had just begun. I am currently 12, applying for 9th grade and wish to attend maybe exeter, andover, groton, etc. My SSAT score just came out, they were as follows:

91% overall
98% math
97% reading
(and yes very sadly) 50% verbal

I speak Chinese as well as english because I grew up in China and came here around 2 years ago so please excuse my grammar.

My grades for 7th grade were: 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, final average was a little more than 97%

8th grade just started for me so I don’t have the averages yet. I am working hard to get my teachers to like me so the can write me good recommendations.

So now here is my EC :3
I do swimming, I am on a USA Swim team. I have shoeboxes of medals and ribbons, but again, most of you probably have as well.
I also play piano as well as keyboard in my band. I am the group leader for the keyboard section.
I am part of NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) not that unique but oh well
I do arts, and my art won a city completion in New York City in 5th grade

I have awards, ranging from as small as student of the month (it is such cute name) to UFT award in math and principle honor rolls.

I am well aware of many people who are wayyyyyyyyjyyyyyy better than me. Please leave any suggestions as well if you can ! My interview will be coming up soon. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and perhaps helping me!

Cheers x

I forgot to mention I am part of this Peer thing in my school to help counsel troubled student. Hope this adds more to my information. THANKSSSS

Oh god I hope I didn’t post this in the wrong section!