Chances for Med Scholars?


<p>I was wondering if anyone could take some time and critique my chances for admittance into the medical scholars program?</p>

Ethnicity- Indian (First Gen)
Location - Illinois (originally from Creve Coeur, MO)
Type of School- Public, average performing school in Chicago suburbs
Major - Public Health</p>

ACT: 30C 32 SuperScore (i dont think SLU even uses it) AP: 10th-Euro (5) 11th- US (5) 12- Chem,Bio,Calc,MacroEcon
Rank- 32/680 (32/691 at end of last year.. 11 people bailed)
GPA- W-5.22 (hoping for 5.4ish at graduation) UW-4.95</p>

(Our middle schools did a very poor job at class placement for High School, and despite doing superb 8th grade, i was placed in normal classes while some dunces or future druggies got into honors classes somehow)</p>

Physical Science 5/5 (S1/S2)
Algebra 1 5/5
World History 5/5
French 1 5/5
English 1 5/5
Keyboarding 4 (was to used to my style of typing so typing how they wanted us to was very diffulcult)
Study Hall
Health 1/Gym 5/5</p>

AP European History 5/5
Geometry Honors 4/5
Computer Concepts/Speech 5/5
Biology 5/5
English 2 5/5
French 2 5/5
Drivers Ed/Gym</p>

ICA (Math) 5/5
English 3 5/5
Chemistry Honors 5/5
Physics Honors 5/5
AP US History 5/5
Computer Programming 1+2 5/5</p>

<p>12th: (Current Grades)
Teacher Aide
Anatomy/AP Macroeconomics 5/
AP Biology 5/
Humanities Honors 5/
AP Chemistry 5/
AP Calculus A/B 5/
Senior Composition 5/</p>

Talks about how my family is like the Kennedy's when it comes to getting diseases such as diabetes, depression or digestion issues ---> motivation to become a doctor to help find a cure for this, and to provide for those who can't afford the insurance to cover the bills for insulin shots or checkups</p>


<p>North Technology Club (Vice President)
Model United Nations
National Honor Society
National Society of High School Scholars
Volunteer at Local Park District (50hrs.. still particpating)
Volunteering at Temple (around 200 hours, had to stop this year due to schoolwork)
Basic 40 NHS Hours + 30 or so extra helping with Charity Events, Concerts
Relay for Life
Applied for a "Mini Medical School" (competitive) research spot
No Athletics (Parents were always busy when i was a little child and couldnt afford the time to sign me up for activites due to the rides situation, etc)</p>

<p>Thanks Again!</p>

<p>Do you have any medically related ECs? I feel like that will seriously hurt you because applying for somethig is not really a valid EC. Keep in mind that kids have volunteering, research, interning, and shadowing, and you seem to be missing those.</p>