Chances for MIT EA

<p>SAT: 790 M/670 V (i retook but dont think i broke 1500)
ACT: 36 M, 34 E, 31 R, 30 S (retaking)
SAT2: 800 math2c, 790 chem, 780 phsyics, 690 writing(retaking)
GPA: 3.86 uw, 4.45 w
AMC scores: 144 - amc 12 (twice, but i think i can only put it once), 10 and 8 for aime
Rank: 11/250ish
AP scores: 5: calc bc (+ab subscore), phsyics c: mech, chem 4: eng lang, ushist, micro econ, stat</p>

<p>I also applied last year, but didnt get in</p>

<p>I have better essays now, 2 really good recs, and 2 good outside recs, not sure about the secondary school report though</p>

<p>ECs: Math club(9-12, librarian -11), Science bowl (captain-11,12), science olympiad(alternate-9, member 10-12), french club (president-12), jv sports (tennis-11, soccer-9,10), assistant mathcounts coach of local middle scholl (9-12), i do research at LSU, Mayor commission thing- we meet few times a month and organize stuff for the young (alternate member-12)</p>

<p>summer: volunteer at hospital in summer(past 2) ~40 hours/summer, wetn to PROMYS 2 eyars ago</p>

<p>awards: usamo 3times, chem olympiad like 3rd and 4th regional, discover tribute award state winner, mandelbrot (top 30, #7 in lower division one year), state and local awards taht i didnt get to mention in my app</p>

<p>Thanks in advanced</p>