Chances for MIT?

Male, public school, 4.6W, 4.0UW, 35 act (35 math, 35 science+english, 36 reading), no sat score yet
7 scored aps: three 5’s, three 4’s, one 3
Currently taking ap spanish, honors econ, ap psych, ap calc bc, ap lit
ranked 11/630
2 years varsity track, 10 total, team captain
HSF Scholar
1 non-nhs club+nhs
prospective biology major

Your stats qualify you- but most applicants are statistically qualified.

What do you do with your time outside of class & track? You mention a club, but give no idea as to how much of a commitment it is, or how dear to your heart.

Equally, excluding how highly ranked it is, why MIT? Why Bio at MIT? Do you have a good sense of MIT school culture, and how much of a fit it is for you?


Why no SAT score?
You chance is low. Everyone that applies to MIT has a low chance.
Don’t worry so much. Apply and see what happens.
Make sure you have a balanced list of schools that are affordable.

No sat score because I took the November SAT and scores haven’t been released yet (I’m applying regular so I’ll have the score by then)

The club is a mentorship club that helps freshmen acclimate to being in high school, it’s a few hours a week commitment and I really enjoy doing it. I feel like MIT is a great fit for me, and the opportunities that the school will give me are amazing. I chose Bio because that’s the subject area that interests me the most, and bio at MIT because I think the school will be able to challenge me in the subject and maintain my interest through this challenge.

Why? Obviously, you don’t have to answer this to me/CC! But it is worthwhile thinking this through, both on an individual level, and on an academic level. Remember that ‘fit’ goes 2 ways: you sayt that MIT is a great fit for you, but how much do you know about it? have you spent time at MIT? do you know MIT students? how much do you know about the bio program at MIT? For example, Course 7 (the ‘purest’ Bio course offered) is designed to prepare students for a research career: is that your goal? If not the other options are either focused on the intersection of chemistry & bio or computational biology- are either of those where your interests lie?

These are such generic statements that they apply to dozens of universities.


Too many students feel that way. The equally important, and more critical, issue is whether MIT will see you as a great fit.


You got a 35 so an SAT isn’t going to matter.

If not MIT, what’s the next “like” school.

Why is it a great fit? What are your back ups that are “like” MIT.

I wish you luck but it’s unlikely - but not impossible.


Sorry but I don’t see anything from your post that says MiT will want you.

Although I also don’t see why you want them, specifically, either.

Have you spoken to your guidance counselor?

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