Chances for (mostly) Ivies

<p>So, since, along with the other million people that took the March SAT, I got my scores back today, I figured I finally have enough basic information to make one of these. Without further ado:</p>

<p>SATs: 2330 (first sitting)
CR: 800
Math: 760
Writing: 770</p>

<p>GPA (weighted 100 point scale, weird I know): 99.79
Rank: 2/900
APs: 5 on the AP Gov test, currently taking APUSH and Environmental, plan on taking Calc, Physics, Psych, European History, and English next year</p>

<p>ECs (up to junior/this year and what I plan on next year):
School Newspaper: 4 yrs, Sports Editor 1 yr, Editor-in-Chief 2 yrs
School Choir: 3 yrs
Second extra-selective School Choir: 1 yr
Hi-Q Team (academic quiz competition): 2 yrs; co-captain 1 yr
NHS: 1 yr (I plan on running for Pres and there isn't much competition)
NEHS: 2 yrs (same as NHS)
Creative Writing Club: 3 yrs
Annenberg Science Symposium: 4 yrs (participant)</p>

<p>Volunteer work (probably my weakest part):
CCD/VBS Volunteer for 4+ yrs
Science in the Summer helper for 4+ yrs
Odd volunteering jobs at my local library</p>

<p>Also, interned in a state representative's office for 2 yrs
Also plan on taking a college course at Drexel this summer on a CTY scholarship I got in 7th grade after scoring a 1550 on the SATs (not sure if that matters or not)</p>

<p>So, that's a brief picture of me. The colleges I will probably be applying to this fall:
Princeton - SCEA
University of Pennsylvania
George Washington University
Lafayette College
Neumann University (safety)
Drexel University (safety)</p>

<p>So, most importantly, what do you think my chances are for Princeton, and what would I need to work on? Also, do you have any advice regarding the other schools I picked. Thanks!</p>

<p>Oh, forgot one thing. I am a white male, I have no legacy, nor am I a first generation college-goer.</p>