Chances for music major transfer

I’m currently a first year undergrad majoring in music performance at another big ten school, but I’m looking to transfer to UIUC for fall 2021. I applied to UIUC when I was a senior in high school and was accepted to the school of music but I got denied from the university due to my high school grades from freshman-junior year being bad. I’ve made a lot of improvements in my grades this year and my gpa is a lot better now than it was in high school so could you guys give me your opinions on if you I’ve got a shot to get in or not. I’ll be sending both my high school and college grades as well as my SAT scores. Of course this is all dependent on if I get into the School of Music again, but for right now I’m just talking about my academic grades.

High School:
Weighted GPA: 2.97
Unweighted GPA: 2.93
SAT: 1060 overall. Math: 510 English: 550
EC’s: Marching Band, pep band, soccer for 2 years, track and field for one year
I was a squad leader and a section leader in marching band as well

GPA: 3.3/3.4
16 credits this semester, 18/19 next
I also participate in both marching band and pep band at my current school

It’s worth trying. But I assume you would have to audition again. Have you submitted prescreens?

There is a music major forum on CC that might be helpful.

Does your current school have a school of music/BM degree?