chances for my college list?

<p>I'm a junior in high school trying to finalize my list of colleges I'm applying to. Female, non-minority, first generation, rather low income but I live in a wealthy county, public school (4000-ish students total, probably around 750-800 in my class)</p>

<p>My school does not rank.
GPA: 3.93/4.25 (unweighted/weighted)
PSAT: 218 (taking the SAT in March and Subject Tests in May) (possibility of National Merit Scholar)
I've "lettered" in academics (not entirely sure if that matters)
IB Diploma Candidate
Should get killer recommendations
Essays should be great
If it matters, I'm applying for QuestBridge.</p>

<p>my important classes:</p>

<p>Pre-IB Algebra 1
Pre-IB Geometry
IB Math SL 1
IB Math Studies SL (next year)
Pre-IB World History 2
AP US Gov't
US/VA History
IB Geography SL (next year)
Pre-IB Biology
IB Chemistry 1
Physics 1
IB Chemistry 2 HL (next year)
Pre-IB English 9/10
IB English 1
IB English 2 HL (next year)
Spanish 1-4
IB Spanish 1 SL (next year)
IB Psychology 1 SL
IB Psychology 2 HL (next year)
IB Theory of Knowledge
2 years of PE, 3 years of theatre</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: horseback riding, theatrical productions (International Thespian Society), NHS, Spanish Honor Society, NEHS, I've worked with the middle-school kids on their musicals, Girl Scout for 10 years, volunteered with therapeutic horseback riding, volunteer at the public library</p>

<p>Here are my schools and their acceptance rates:</p>

<p>Rollins College (Florida): 62%
James Madison University: 61% (I'm in-state)
Reed: 41%
University of Virginia: 32% (I'm in-state)
Tulane: 26%
USC: 24%
Duke: 19%
Pomona: 16%
Columbia Univ: 10%</p>

<p>If you feel like letting me know what you think, I'd really appreciate it! And if you want to post a link to your thread, I'll give you my opinion.</p>


<p>You look like a match (meaning 50/50) for Reed, the only school on your list I know much about (our D graduated from Reed last May, and we were on the parent council). I would guess that Reed offers the combo of highest academics with highest acceptance rate. Reed also meets full financial need.</p>

<p>I think these two describe Reed and its students well:</p>

<p>Reed</a> College Admission Office
Reed</a> Magazine: Many Apply. Few are Chosen. (1/5)</p>

<p>I'm happy to try to answer questions. :)</p>

<p>Reed's acceptance rate has crossed the 40% mark once again? That's unfortunate. I thought we were really on an upward swing with name recognition and what have you. Anyway, like vossron said-that doesn't change the quality of the education.</p>

<p>I have only one question, if you're a full IB Diploma candidate, what are your Higher Level subjects? I can see only Standard Level subjects in your class list.</p>

<p>You seem like a very solid candidate. It's hard to judge, though, without an SAT score. I know many ppl, btw, who's scores dropped after the PSAT so it's not a really good indicator. </p>

<p>IN- Rollins College (Florida): 62%
IN- James Madison University: 61% (I'm in-state)
IN- Reed: 41%
MATCH - University of Virginia: 32% (I'm in-state)
HIGH MATCH - Tulane: 26%
REACH - Duke: 19%
IDK - Pomona: 16%
HIGH REACH - Columbia Univ: 10%</p>

<p>"Should get killer recommendations"</p>

<p>eh... you really can't be sure of this. it's too soon too tell. you can probably tell if they will be bad/good/average though. </p>

<p>"Essays should be great"</p>

<p>that means nothing...</p>

<p>Your GPA is fine. Your ECs seem a little scattered... you should try to incorporate your intended major/ academic interests in your ECs if possible. Also some leadership would help a lot. </p>

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<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>You have a good mix of schools, and you should be good at Rollins, JMU, Tulane, and USC, and I think UVA. Decent shot at Reed. (Side note: while I agree the 41% is a bit surprising, it is irrelevant. Reed is a very excellent school. I can only guess that compared to other schools there must be more self-selection by the students themselves before applying i.e. the ones that are not qualified at all tend not to apply). Duke and Pomona are good reaches for you, especially Duke. Chanced less there, but absolutely worth a shot. Columbia, like all Ivies, is a crapshoot for the best students. I would have to say your odds are low unless you just kill the SAT, and even then it is a long shot. All my comments assume that your SAT is about the same as your PSAT. Much better or especially much worse and you would have to reassess.</p>

<p>I know a lot about Tulane, so if you have questions about that school don't hesitate to ask. And great as I think it is, if your SAT's do come in around 2150-2200, you might want to think about adding schools like Vandy, Emory, WUSTL, and a couple others to the list. You seem like you would fit well at those schools, at least academically.</p>

<p>Chance me please</p>

<p>Rollins College (Florida): in
James Madison University: in
Reed: reach
University of Virginia: low match
Tulane: match
USC: reach
Duke: reach
Pomona: low reach
Columbia Univ: high reach</p>

<p>Consider Scripps College and UChicago</p>

<p>IZahiri - You need to look at the dates on the threads and posts. This one has been dead awhile.</p>