Chances for my reaches pleaseee?

<p>This is for UVA, Johns Hopkins, Emory, Claremont McKenna.
planning to narrow down one as an early decision application (leaning hopkins)</p>

3.4 uw: most rigorous curriculum, all honors/AP
680 math, 700 CR, 700 writing (practice tests, real thing in a few weeks, still gotta study)
720 US History SAT2, just took Bio expecting a 680+
Senior course load: AP: PhysicsB, CalcAB, English Lit, Spanish. H-Econ.
Captain of Varsity Swim team, very dedicated to the sport.
Model UN, NHMUN conference and some others.
State certified EMT, lots of volunteer and oncall hours, leadership role in admissions for EMT class in local town (very hard to get into, only 8 spots each year open to students)
Water safety instructor and lifeguard at town beach, working full time as town employee since I was 13.
Organized a community service trip to Alabama for relief efforts.
Hispanic. Male, dual citizen.
Will NOT be applying for fin aid. (not sure if it counts as a 'hook' but it can't hurt)</p>

<p>im a mass resident also</p>