Chances for NCSSM?

<p>Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum but wanted to ask a question on what my chances are of getting into NCSSM. NCSSM, for those of you who don't know, is a prestigious boarding school in Durham, North Carolina, for 11th and 12th graders. Very competitive school. So here's my qualifications, and I was hoping maybe you guys could tell me what my chances would be.
- Mostly A's in freshman year, with 2 B's, but in non-math or science related subjects
- Took Pre-cal in 9th grade, taking AP Calc in 10th grade
- In the IB program, with IB Physics (IB is basically AP)
- Life Scout in Boyscouts and still very active
- Many math competitions in middle school
- Very active in debate and won many metals and went to national tournaments
- Currently all A's, except for a C (working on getting it to a B) in Spanish</p>

<p>That's about all my major qualifications. What else do you think NCSSM would want to know? And any estimates about my chances right now? Thanks to anyone who replies.</p>

<p>what congressional district do you live in? the less competitive your district is, the higher your chance of getting in.</p>

<p>Your grades and involvement look good and are comparable to everyone currently at SSM. Don't stress about "Will I get in with what I have or not; is my congressional district real competitive" instead do your best to package your information and if it is meant to be it will happen. Plus you cannot change what district you live in and you cannot change what you've been involved in over the past few years so embrace your set of circumstances.</p>

<p>Spend some time thinking about why you want to go to SSM. What can that school provide that your current school cannot? Why is a residential high school a better option for you? My son came from a school where he could not take AP classes as a sophomore so we really emphasized that deficiency in his essays. Think about what YOU can contribute to the school environment; why are YOU a good candidate. Be forewarned that in previous years some of the responses were limited to 500 characters (yes characters, not words) so you must be very concise.</p>

<p>NCSSM is a RIGOROUS program and should not be taken lightly. Are you willing to leave home at 16/17, be responsible for getting yourself up and to class everyday, organize all of your homework as well as laundry, chores and on-campus work, learn how to live with roommates/hallmates, balance social time and work time, handle most issues with teachers, administrators,etc. without mom or dad's daily input...???</p>

<p>Ask questions, review the website throughly but understand that there is no secret (or public) formula for preparing an application that will definitely get you accepted. If nothing else this will be a great process to get you ready for the college app process.</p>

<p>Best of luck!!!</p>

<p>I went to NCSSM, and your classes definitely are competitive with many other students that I knew at S&M. I personally would say your chances are pretty good, unless you live in Wake county, in which case the competition is pretty stiff. By now, you just have to wait and make sure you choose teachers that will write a good recommendation for you. </p>

NCSSM c/o '09</p>

<p>You may need a sport to help round you out. Do you compete in any?</p>

<p>I was wanting to apply to ncssm but dont know if I really even have a chance. They dont offer calculus for freshman at my school or anything like that, just Geometry. I made all A's in my classes and I'm first in my class.... What is required to apply, do you have to write an essay or anything? Because writing isnt exactly a strong point for me.</p>

I'm a rising 10th grader this year in District 3.
All A's throughout middle and high school.
Boy Scouts - Almost Life
Year-Round Swimming & High School Swim Team
Won Science and Spanish Award in Middle School
Teen Dems, Science Olympiad, Math Club, FCA
Started Service Project w/ Food for Needy
Tutored in middle and high school
Duke TIP
4.0 GPA - Unweighted
4.4 - Weighted
Classes as Sophomore: Hnrs Eng 2, Hnrs Civics and Economics, AP Bio, AP Comp Science A, AP Stats, Hnrs Precal, Spanish 3
Made it to District Math Competition
SAT - 1900 on Pre-Test w/o studying</p>