chances for NETTTS?

<p>For those who don't know, NETTTS stands for New England Tractor Training Technical School. </p>

I go to high school and will graduate in June (if im lucky)
Finished elementary and middle school with my class (i was so lucky)</p>

<p>no'll need at least a 1600 plus a 6.0 GPA to get in there...</p>

<p>oooh, hmmm, i might have to quit my day job at micky d's and studie more then</p>

<p>you guys are mean!</p>

<p>i agree. My uncle attended NETTS, and upon receiving his undergrad degree, attended harvard grad school. That's more than either of you will ever be able to say.</p>

<p>wow, thanks piman, i thot i was doomed to the small confinement of the truck cabin</p>