Chances for Northwestern?!!

<p>Hello! I am currently a rising senior at a public high school in New Jersey and I am wondering what my chances at Northwestern would be.</p>

My school actually doesn't calculate GPA on a 4.0 scale. Instead, its out of 4.5 with at A+(95 or above) counted as a 4.5, an A(90-94) counted as a 4.0, a B+(85-89) counted as a 3.5, etc. My school also does not weight GPA, and we don't have class ranks. On my school's scale my GPA is a 3.998/4.5.
UW GPA on a 4.0 scale: ~3.7 I know, its bad. I started out freshman year pretty average (all honors, but three B+s). Sophomore year sort of went down (all honors and APUSH, but one B in honors chemistry and one C+ in the hardest math course offered at my high school). Junior year I took 4 APs and maintained straight A+s all year.</p>

<p>AP Classes (so far)-
AP English Language: 5
AP Macroeconomics: 5
AP Microeconomics: 5
AP Calculus AB: 4
Senior Year Schedule: AP Biology, AP English Literature, AP European History, AP Spanish, AP Statistics (still deciding whether or not I'm gonna take it)</p>

-Co-Editor in Chief of my high school newspaper
-Was Business Editor/Advertising Manager last year
-Currently a beat reporter for a local online newspaper; I cover board meetings every week and occasionally do feature stories. I also get paid for every article.
-Grade 10 Practical Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music
-Have been playing since I was 6
-Played at various festivals and competitions and performed in Carnegie Hall
Literary Magazine/Creative Writing:
-Editor-in-Chief of LitMag
-Published short stories in it sophomore and junior year
-Co-Founded a Creative Writing club at my high school during my junior year
Model U.N.:
-Co-Founder and Co-President of my high school's chapter
-Started it during the end of my freshman year
-Have attended various conferences and received a few awards
-Vice President
-Been an active participant throughout my high school years
Spanish Club:
-Member since sophomore year
Summer Activities:
Summer 2009- Counselor-in-Training at local summer camp
Summer 2010- Taught Art, Music, and Math in a school for underprivileged children run by the Indian NGO for 5 weeks in New Delhi
Summer 2011- Iowa Young Writer's Studio, Internship with local Councilwoman, Taught at the school in India for 2 weeks
Volunteer Hours (excluding foreign volunteer work): ~300 hours at local food banks, nursing homes, and summer camps
Work Experience: Have been working at the local YMCA leading children's birthday parties every weekend since the beginning of junior year</p>

-Major: International Relations/Possibly Journalism (Is it harder to get in if you apply to Medill?)
-Ethnicity: South Asian
-Gender: Female
-Income: ~$175,000</p>


<p>You should definitely apply.</p>

<p>NU has a holistic admissions process, which basically means that grades and scores aren’t the only factors for admissions. Your ACT is ok (above the mean for NU admittees), your grades are average (for NU admtitees), perhaps slightly below, but not seriously so. The ECs look good.</p>

<p>Beyond this, it comes down to other factors, recommendations, essays, and how the admissions people think you’ll fit into the class they’re assembling. No one here has any real insight into this process.</p>

<p>In any event – it is certainly worth your applying, based on the numbers, you’re a serious candidate.</p>

<p>thanks! anyone else?</p>

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Check out my chance thread for NU last year, hopefully that’ll give you some info to compare to, I can’t chance you myself though since I’m not knowledgeable enough. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you for replying! I’m guessing you got in? If you didn’t then I have no chance…</p>

<p>^he was denied. </p>

<p>that’s the point he was making!</p>

<p>hey, i had similar/ slightly worse credentials and I got in. You have a really good shot. Northwestern cares a lot about their why northwestern essay so work on that a lot, seriously, and be specific about it. Good look!</p>

<p>Jeez boble, that’s ridiculous haha. I think that may be one of the situations where a school thinks you don’t have any interest and they are trying to protect their yield rate, I’ve heard that about a lot of top tier schools that aren’t quite as good as HYPSM.</p>

<p>haha, i meant good luck!</p>