Chances for nursing program

Hi, I’m a hs senior applying to Villanova (ED). I’m really nervous and I just want to know if I have a fighting chance of getting into the nursing program.

Asian, male (also transgender if that affects anything)

1320 SAT
3.97 W and 3.77 UW GPA

National honor society (12th)
Honor Roll (9-12th)

60+ hours as a volunteer EMT
100+ hours as a volunteer firefighter
EMT school night classes (around 6 months, 6 hours each week)
Environmental club officer at school (9-12th)
Marching band (10-12th) (received a varsity letter for this)
Swim team manager (11-12th)
Jazz ensemble (9-12th)

However, I’ve only taken 3 APs (psych, environmental science, and art history) and 2 honors courses (Japanese 2H and English 4 honors).

Decent essay and good letters of rec

I know that I’m not a very strong applicant for this school because my stats aren’t that great. I’m just wondering if I have a chance.

I’m also applying to Villanova as a Nursing Major! In regards to stats and academics, yours are definitely on the lower end for Villanova.

However, you have good extracurriculars and an obvious interest in science and medicine. You also show leadership through the various positions you are in.

Though I would say that you have a lower chance to get into Villanova Nursing for regular/early action since you applied early decision you have shown that Villanova is your top choice (which colleges love). I think you have a chance at being accepted and hopefully, we both get in so we could become friends in the Nursing Program! Good luck and I’m hoping the best for you :smiley:

Hi! I was wondering if you could share whether you got accepted! I applied EA nursing and some of your stats are pretty similar to mine other than ECs and School Courses. Thank You!

So, my daughter was accepted regular decision last year with kind of similar stats.

GPA 3.95 UW, 30 super scored ACT
Large public high school, ranked 10/575
120 hours volunteer work

Did take 6 AP classes, a lot of honors, a lot of focus on medical classes (CNA and also Med Assistant) so similar to you in that respect as well.

I hope you were accepted ED and if not, hoping they slipped you to RD.

As a side, my daughter ended up choosing a different school in the end…but her brother is at Villanova and it is a FABULOUS school. Wishing all of you good luck!