Chances for Nursing Program?

CSU GPA 4.44
SAT 1410 (I know sdsu isnt considering test scores, but I wasn’t sure if that also applies to the nursing program)

Got A’s for my science classes, (freshman biology, honors chem, AP chem) and am taking AP Bio now. GPA dropped because I had b’s in freshman year I think (spanish for 1 semester and geometry)

I only applied to 4 schools (CSULB, SDSU, CSULA, and CSUB) and I will be applying to BC (local community college)

What do you think my chances are for getting into SDSU? Do you think I should apply for more schools? and if so do you have any recommendations? (in or out of state)

Any help is very appreciated

I would say that you look like a competitive applicant with your GPA above the average of 4.21 for the 2020 admits.

However, with an acceptance rate of 6% for 2020, it should be considered a Reach but Reachable. Best of luck.

If you are aiming for a Direct admit program, consider CSU Fullerton, UCI and for Super Reach UCLA.