Chances for NYU and Middlebury please! (WILL CHANCE BACK)

<p>Okay so here goes nothing....</p>

<p>Here are my grades: </p>

<p>Freshman Year
Honors English: B+
History Honors:A-
French 1: A
Latin 1:A-
Math Level 2:B
Physics Honors:C
Physical Education:A-</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
Math Level 3: A
Economics Honors:A
World Religions Honors:A+
History Honors:A+
French II Honors:A+
Latin II:A-
Chemistry Honors:C+/B-
Physical Education:A+
English Honors:B</p>

<p>My Schedule this year with grades so far this year
AP U.S. History : A-
AP English Language: B+(hopefully will be an A- by the end of the year)
Biology Honors: A-
Ap Macro-economics: Pass (done as an independent study)
Pre Calculus: B-
French III Honors:B+/A-
AP Government and Politics:A
Criminal and Civil Law: A+ </p>

<p>My weighted GPA out of a possible highest of 4.0 is a 3.8
Extra Carricular Activities </p>

<p>National Honor Society</p>

<p>Student Council (9 & 10) Vice President </p>

<p>Student Council (11) Cabinet Member</p>

<p>Principal’s Advisory Council (9,10,11) </p>

<p>Model United Nations (10,11) Vice President</p>

<p>Amnesty International (9,10,11) </p>

<p>9:05 News (11) Anchor- News broadcast seen throughout the school by over 1000 students and faculty weekly basis. Responsible for script writing, current events, sporting events, & various competitions.</p>

<p>(10) News Reporter- Responsible for writing, editing, and producing stories based on important current events. </p>

<p>Friends (10,11) Volunteer during lunch to work one on one with
Special needs students. </p>

<p>Community Activities </p>

<p>Around 150 volunteer hours at the local public library</p>

<p>Volunteering over the summer at my school to give incoming freshman tours </p>

<p>Farmington Continuing Education Chinese class (grade 10) </p>

<p>Participated in a book Club organized for students who demonstrated leadership at our school. </p>

<p>Have started and am president of a Young Democrats Club </p>

<p>I also want to start a club modeled around the SDS from the 1960's, expressing discontent for the wars going on today. </p>

<p>Got a summer internship doing medical research at the University of CT</p>

<p>Awards </p>

<p>Second Place, Model United Delegation</p>

<p>French Participation Award </p>

<p>Farmington Library Certificate of Recognition</p>

<p>The CT C.O.L.T. Award For Excellence in languages </p>

<p>Latin Honor Society</p>

<p>Honor Roll 9,10,11</p>

<p>Test Scores
SAT:1860 (first time taken, I know it sucks)
Will take the ACT, hoping for around a 29/30</p>

<p>Other Skills
Fluent in 6 languages including arabic, urdu, sindhi </p>

<p>I'd REALLY appreciate some input on financial aid as well, I know it sucks at NYU. Also, if this helps at all, I come from a very low income family.</p>

<p>Not going to happen unless you can up your SAT by 200 points.</p>

<p>I cannot say anything for Middlebury</p>

<p>For NYU, I know a girl with a lower GPA and test score with less ECs accepted for this fall. She requires no FA. If you need a lot of aid, you better raise your SAT scores, as soze had mentioned. Is NYU need blind?</p>

<p>Your GPA (idk your unweighted, but you have a lot of B's and C's) and SAT scores are too low for Middlebury.</p>

<p>Applying normally to either NYU or Middlebury, your grades/scores put you on the very low end of the spectrum of candidates. However, your ECs are great. Have you checked out the Opportunity Programs at NYU? I really don't know much about them except that they give very low income individuals a chance to attend... Middlebury might have something similar but I don't know.</p>

<p>FYI If you can't even chance yourself, why would I want you to chance me?</p>