Chances for NYU CAS

<p>GPA: 87/100
SAT:C560 M700 W660 1940
SATII: physics 800 math2 800
toefl: 98
APs: calAB 5 physics B 5</p>

<p>work experience: secretary / summer job</p>

chinese association: founder+president
chess club</p>

<p>school table tennis team 2years</p>

<p>honors: canadian open mathematics challege gold medal
ROPSAA Champion of Girl's single player(table tennis)
Galois gold standard
cayley top 25%
Champ top score</p>

<p>reach. Low sat and gpa</p>

what's the avg GPA in 100 scale for NYU? cuz in Canada we dont have the GPA out of 4.0.</p>

<p>It is about a 92/100 GPA Unweighted</p>

<p>You GPA is in the lower end of their spectrum and your SAT I is also on the lower end. CAS is about 20% admittance, making it the second toughest school at NYU!</p>