Chances For Oos Or Scholarship??

<p>I am from india. I have applied to clemson university, can u tell me of my chances for scholarships or OOS waiver given that i am a foreign citizen??</p>

<p>SAT 1 :2190 (M-750/ CR-730/ W-710)
SAT 2 : they suck....i had em in dmidst of my term exasm in india(not dat am makin an excuse) I got 720 on physics and 670 on maths level 2</p>

<p>Gpa--school doesnt have Gpa system nor does it have rank.</p>

<p>However my curriculum is d toughest and probably is equal to , in american terms, every kind of AP, honours class possible.</p>

<p>I have been playinjg tennis for 5 years.</p>

<p>I have played many tournaments at teh state level.</p>

<p>I have recieved a merit certificate for GREEN OLYMPIAD organised by teh government of india.</p>

<p>I have been awarded by my school for excellent academic distinction 4 times.</p>

<p>I have also been nominated for GYLC( global youth leadership council) organised by CYCL( Congressional youth leadership conference, u can google it)</p>

<p>I have also attended a seminar on rocketry at our local astronomy club.</p>

<p>What do u think are d chances of me getting a HUGE scholarship or atleast OOS waiver....m worried me!!</p>