Chances for OOS student

My daughter just did her app last night. She’s out of state and this whole A-G thing was a little confusing at first. Hope she did it right. So what do you think her chances are? She was surprised there was no essay or even listing of individual ECs, so is it just straight GPA that you’re evaluated by? Anyway, if she did it right, her A-G total years is 28.5 with a calculated GPA of 3.54. She’s applying as a BFA Theatre Performance major. She was told that if she gets into the school, then the BFA program has auditions to get into that. So when do you find out if you got into the school? Looking at that thread from last year, it seems like it wasn’t until mid Feb. That just seemed kinda late to wait till then before you can even audition for the BFA program. Oh, well, seems like nothing is easy about applying these days! Thanks for any info!!

In general, CSUF will start notifying applicants with their decision in February. Some top students have in the past been notified earlier in January. Due to Covid, hopefully they will remain on schedule this admission cycle.

To determine first-time freshman admission, Fullerton will rank order applicants by their “A-G” GPA for the entire freshman applicant pool. This includes applicants that meet the following criteria:

California residents and graduates of California high schools with a 2.50 or greater “A-G” GPA.

Non-California residents earning a 3.00 or greater “A-G” GPA**

Prior to Covid, CSUF applicants were evaluated based on GPA and test scores. No essay and no EC’s considered. Geographic location is also a consideration so local applicants get priority.

Best of luck to your daughter.

I just read your post and wondered if you have heard anything about acceptance. I see that there is a New Student Placement Audition information on the web site mentioning auditions accepted for the BFA Acting starting 12/5-2/14 but wasn’t sure whether to wait to submit this after being accepted.