Chances for Out of Stater

<p>I really like UWisconsin but the only way i would go is if i get a full scholorship or significant amount of money that makes total cost <5000 a year.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0UW, 4.25W
Rank: 1/433
SAT: 2150 650 CR, 750M, 750 W (probably wont send)
ACT: 33
School: semi competitive
State: Ohio
Major: Chemical Engineering
Ethnicity: Asian (south eastern)</p>

1) Volunteered at Stepping Stones Center where i would help/supervise disabled kids while doing activities...300 hours/3 summers
2)Summer Job at Target
3)4 years in Academic Team, captain senior year
4)Key Club...4 years, president senior year 100 hours
5) Young Democrats...2 years/ 50 hours
6)Basketball...4 years
7)Science Club...3 years/60 hours...did testing at smokey mountains</p>

<p>AP Tests:</p>

<p>AP US History 5
AP Enviromental Science 5
Ap Chemistry (Currently taking)
AP Physics B (Currently taking)
AP Calculus AB (No BC at school, currently taking)
AP English (Currently taking)</p>

<p>From the research I have done, UW is really stingy with FA for those who are out of state and the word is that for OOS they meet much of your EFC with loans.</p>

<p>Are you looking for merit money, or financial aid?</p>

<p>merit money</p>

<p>Too late to become a state resident... Your best bet is to get scholarships through nonUW sources. I am aware of scholarships being available to SE Asians through one of their organizations- perhaps certain ethnic groups- check on every source you are eligible for. Your HS guidance office should be able to give you good websites to search. Your stats look promising for getting scholarships so it is worth while to look for them through many different sources.</p>