Chances for Penn Admission

<p>GPA: 3.81 (unweighted)
5.35 (weighted)
SATS- 1750- this is when I took them as a Sophomore, I haven't taken them as a junior yet. I am planning for it to be much, much higher.</p>

<p>Academics: I have taken the highest level classes possible, and this year I am taking 4 APs (Physics, Calc, English, and Euro). I plan to take more next year. I am a year ahead in science and two years ahead in math. I also don't take any study halls and my electives include Debate/Creative Writing (semesterized), Music Theory, Sociology, AP Euro, Humanities, Graphic Presentations, and World Civ..</p>

<p>Sports: Tennis, one year JV, two years Varsity</p>


<p>In School:
Debate team: one year JV (received best speaker award), one year Varsity
French Club
French Honor Society
A club for fighting cancer</p>

<p>Outside of school:
Vegetarian Society
A helpline
2 Overnight Writers' Workshops
A weekly writers workshop
Non-credit community college course</p>

Best Speaker Award (JV debate)
Several Poems Published
Drexel PBQ sidecar publishing (short piece of prose)
Two region gold key awards (for poetry and a short story)
French Honor Society</p>

<p>Any suggestions for what I can do this year to help my chances? Thanks!</p>

<p>You definitely have to get that SAT up, at least to a 2050.</p>

<p>With that SAT, your chances are significantly diminished. Like dfree said, get it up to AT LEAST a 2050.</p>

<p>Also, if you're still an underclassman, I suggest finding some sort of passion that shows through in your ECs. There doesn't seem to be any real focus except for maybe writing (poetry?).</p>