Chances for Plan II, Dean's Scholars, and Liberal Arts Honors

<p>Hey, guys. I'm actually a junior right now, but the college selection process is starting to freak me out. I've posted a more generic version of this on the Chance Me forum, but I wanted to know how you UT experts think I'd fare when applying to the Texas honors programs. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Programs: Plan II, Dean's Scholars, Liberal Arts Honors.</p>

<p>Chinese female in central Texas
Rank: 1/588
PSAT: 231 (CR: 80, M: 75, W: 76)</p>

9th: Pre-AP English 1, Pre-AP Algebra 2, Pre-AP Biology, Pre-AP World Geography, Spanish 2, Dance 1, Health, Journalism
10th: AP World History (5), Pre-AP Pre-calculus, Pre-AP Chemistry, Pre-AP English 2, Pre-AP Spanish 3, Dance 2, Creative Writing, Yearbook
11th: AP US History, AP Calculus AB (BC not available), AP Biology, AP English Language, AP Spanish Language, Pre-AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, Yearbook
12th (projected): AP European History, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP English Literature, Introductory Psychology/AP Psychology, AP Government/AP Economics, Yearbook, Yearbook Editor Period or AP Physics C (depending on whether I get an editorial position <em>crosses fingers</em>)</p>

Asian Club member (9, 10) president (11)
Yearbook page editor (10, 11)
Key Club member (10, 11)
Literary magazine editor (10)-- only available to Creative Writing class members
Mu Alpha Theta member (10) parliamentarian (11)
Literary criticism competition (10, 11)-- top scorer and only member to advance past district last year; eventually took 3rd place at state
National Honor Society member (10, 11)
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica member (10, 11)
Latin self-study through UT Austin. A average so far.</p>

Honor roll.
Lit crit stuff mentioned above.
Poem published in Skipping Stones magazine.
Personal essay published in VOYA magazine.
Gold Key for Region-at-Large in Personal Essay in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.
Top Ten Winner in Creative Communication essay contest.
PTA Reflections contest council honors.
NMSF next fall?
Hopefully some AP scholar-type award after my 6 exams this year?</p>

Interned at a local newspaper and volunteered at the public library after freshman year.
(Extended family vacation in China after sophomore year.)
I'm hoping to get into one of my summer programs this year. If not, I'll take a class at the local CC, do some volunteer work, and try to stalk down some local professors who will let me clean their test tubes. XD</p>

<p>School profile in brief:
UIL 5A suburban high school; about 60-70% of graduates go on to 4-year schools; around 3 National Merit semifinalists per year; a lot of higher ranked students go to UT</p>

<p>You have absolutely no chance...</p>

<p>just kidding of course. Your scores look pretty good, but for Plan II they are only 20%. Your ECs are only another 20%. Essays are 405, so if those are decent, I'd say you are in.</p>

<p>LAH you could probably turn in a blank application and they'd accept you with your stats.</p>

<p>Yes you will definitely be a NMSF with that score. I don't think there's ever been any state in any year where that score didn't qualify.</p>

<p>I'm not too familiar with Dean's Scholars but your resume doesn't really have much sciencey stuff to it. I'd do some research this summer and maybe some sciencey ECs if you have a chance. From what I hear, just good grades isn't enough for Dean's, you have to have demonstrated serious interest in math and science outside of class.</p>