chances for pratt admissions/merit scholarship

Hello everyone! This is my first post on here. I applied to Pratt RD for architecture and I’m super nervous to hear back. They have a great program and I really love NYC. Do I have a good chance of getting in? merit scholarship? Thanks!

GPA: 4.025 W (i know, it’s not that great)
SAT: 730 CR, 760 W, 660 M (one sitting)
EXTRACURRICULARS: pretty good, leadership positions + variety
PORTFOLIO: I was waived for the portfolio because my gpa but I decided to send one anyways. I went to Portfolio Day and the man who review my portfolio was the assistant director of admissions. He said I had a strong portfolio but just need more observational drawings. He also said I had a chance at merit scholarship. My finished portfolio had 5 observational drawings and a lot of independent/experimental work. Overall, I think my portfolio was pretty decent.
RECOMMENDATIONS: I decided to send in the optional letter of rec. I think my letter for rec. was pretty good, it was written by my art teacher whom i’ve had for 3 years




lmao don’t worry, I ended up not choosing pratt (although they did give be a $20k+ scholarship)

My daughter just finished up her sophomore year at Pratt in ComD and loved it. Not everyone has the same experience as the poster above. Quite possible to get the short straw w/r/t teacher selection etc. (although for the most part my D thought her profs were excellent, she’s had at least one who wasn’t). Best to visit and ask current students in your program of interest what they think of it (or perhaps why THEY have chosen not to transfer). Pratt has shortcomings, for sure, but my daughter thinks it has been a significant net positive for her so far, particularly in terms of professional training and skill development.

Edit to add: My D’s freshman roomie was a foundie in architecture and the program was grueling, to say the least. Not for the faint of heart. LOL. Highly doubt that is any different in other highly-ranked schools.