Chances for Presidential Scholarship Fall 2021

I just applied to Temple University as an OOS, and it’s my top school right now. I’m really hoping to get the Presidential Scholarship because it would make Temple a LOT more affordable for me, but I am worried about my chances with my stats (because I don’t think Temple superscores the ACT):
Weighted GPA-4.578, Unweighted-4.128 (my school’s scale is weird)
ACT-33 superscore, 32 composite (36 English, 36 Reading, 27 Math, 27 Science)
Many extracurriculars, strong letters of recommendation
Do I still have a chance at the Presidential Scholarship (especially if more students apply test optional this year?) Also, what would my award look like for an OOS student if I get the Provost’s Scholarship?

From what I’ve seen so far, Provost scholarship will get you around $18K as an OOS student. I think your stat is on the border between Presidential and Provost. Just my opinion though.

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From previous years, you seem to be just on the border between Provost and Presidential. However, it seems like merit aid is going to be a lot different this year with the pandemic.
I have similar stats and I’m also hoping for the presidential.

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Merit aid seems to be a lot harder this year, anyone have any insights on where to get started with federal + private loans? Where can i get the cheapest rates? Whats the best lenders to work with…etc?

The starting point for FA is filling out the FAFSA. For private loans, research and shop around are required to find a best rates/terms on the loans and sometimes schools will have the list of preferred lenders. Personally, I would advice against the taking private loans for education.

Good luck !

The presidential seems much harder this year. My client got it last year. Another client, stronger student all around, got much less. I was surprised.

It’s been a while, but I want to give an update.

I have higher stats than yours and decent ECs and was given 10k a year. So if you haven’t heard back yet, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Other people I know got much less than expected.
Sorry <3