Chances for Princeton ED?

<p>Here are my stats: </p>

<p>----- Standarize test scores, etc------- </p>

<p>SAT 1 - taken in oct . not very good., probably around 1450 - 1500
sat 2 - writing : 740, physics : 780, math 2c and chemistry : 800 </p>

<p>AP World History - 4
5's on ap physics B, calc bc (self studied bc portion, took ab at school), physics c mec (self study), and chemistry </p>

<p>first ever ap National scholar as a grade 11 student in Canada.</p>

<p>By grad, i would have taken (12 ap courses) all of the AP courses at my school EXCEPT for AP Psychology and MAYBE ap bio if i have schedule conflict. </p>

<p>GPA - 1 B, the rest all As for 10th and 11th grade. </p>

<p>--------- ENTIRE EC LIST------------ </p>

<p>----Science Contests and Activities------ </p>

<p>-Leonardo Da Vinci Physics Contest:
· Da Vinci Scholar of Canada
-Chem 13 Contest:
· Top 1% (National).
-Math and Science Club
· President (12), executive (11),
· Coached 6th & 7th graders in Gauss Math Contest
· Peer tutored students in Math and Science (Gr. 8 to AP)
-Physic Olympics
· 4th place (Provincial) in individual event at the University of British Columbia Physics Olympics 2004 </p>

<p>--------Math Contests and Activities --------
-AMC 12
· Score: 119.5
-Euclid Math Contest
· Top 1% (National).
-Fermat Math Contest
· Top 1% (National).
-Cayley Math Contest
· Top 1% (National).
-Canadian Mathematics Society Invitational
· 1st place in junior category (Provincial)
-Pascal Math Contest
· Top 1% (National).
-Math Contest Club
· Founding member. Lecturer on Contest Topics.
· President (12), executive (11). </p>

<p>----------------Clubs---------------------- </p>

<p>-SAT Club
· President
-Global Business Competition Challenge
· Team Captain (12).
· 1st (Provincial) (Highest Retained Earning) in online competition 2003
· 4th place (Provincial) face-to-face challenge 2003
· Top 256 (5%) (International) in 2002 Global Competition
-School Reach Trivia Club
· Quarter Finalist at 2003 Provincial tournament (Junior Level)
· 3rd place at 2002 Provincial tournament (Junior Level)
-Debating and Public Speaking
· Top 30 in Western Canada at 2003 UBC debating tournament, senior level, parliamentary impromptu style
· Cross-examination style (9,10), school representative at regional competition
-Grade Student Council Member
-School Musical Orchestra
· Clarinet Soloist </p>

<p>-------------Athletics-------------- </p>

<p>-Swim Team
· Breaststroke & freestyle
· 1st (200 Medley) and 2nd (50 breast) place finishes at 2003 regional swim meet
· 1st (50 breast) and two 2nd (200 Medley & 200 Mixed Medley) place finishes at 2002 regional swim meet
· 12th, 13th, and 15th place finishes at 2003 Provincial swim meet
· 17th, 18th and 19th place finishes at 2002 Provincial swim meet
· Provincial Championship Team B3 (2001, 2002), 5th place (2003)
-Table Tennis Team
· Silver Medallist at 2004 Provincial Tournament
· 10th place at 2002 Provincial Tournament </p>

<p>---------------Summer Experiences------------ </p>

<p>-Summer Institute for Mathematics at the University of Washington (2004)
· 6 week. 24 participants from Canada and USA
-Dynamo Swim Club (2003)
· 6 week of training
-CMS camp at Simon Fraser University (2002)
· school rep </p>

<p>Employment - just little things. </p>

<p>Independently studied:
· Math 10 (Third Year HS Math) in 8th grade & Second semester Calculus this year.
· Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, and Multivariable Calculus. </p>

<p>Private Art Lessons
· will send in slides.
Private Music study.
· Accordion, synthesizer, and clarinet. </p>



<p>ur allowed to swim the 50 breast in canada? thats not fair :-(</p>

<p>yeah...I would've loved the 50 fly here...the 100 is just a little too long, esp. long course meters. btw, decent shot, even for international. I would play up the swimming and "youngest AP scholar" thing. Don't focus too much on your SAT club presidency unless that's actually a big thing. It may be, but on first glance, it seems strange (plus the fact that you don't expect to do well on your SAT's [?])...
Are you good enough to be recruited for swimming? Make sure you find out. That's how my friend got in last year.</p>

<p>i would not be good enough for Princeton swimming team.. but i could do intramural sports.... my main theme would not be sports.. but math and science... in addition, im also taking physics and math courses at Simon Fraser University... </p>

<p>and sat club is not a club where we just teach students how to take sats.. and plus, i dont think that can be done.. sat requires practice.. rather, it is a club where we promote education in american schools... my school has the best (92% of exams 3 or over out of grade 12class size of 400) and the biggest ap program in Canada; however, very few ppl apply to american schools cuz they think its too exp.. but many are qualified.. over the past few years, after this club has started, there has been an increase in the number of applicants to american Ivy leagues... we went from 0 or 1 per year to 11 this year.... 7 to ivy and 4 to other american schools... even though im adding competition to myself, i think it's worth it..</p>

<p>is it true that Princeton is expanding its class size this year by 500 students? i heard that the acceptance rate for princeton ed will be VERY VERY high this year. is this true???</p>

<p>outta luck---it's next year they're doing that</p>

<p>not all next year. its gonna be i think 100 per year...</p>

<p>and what do u guys think of it? if they inc class size by 100 per year, will that make a huge diff? and will they still have that much undergrad focus?</p>

<p>undergrad focus wouldn't be the issue--the additional students would still be undergrads--and I hadn't heard that it was a 100 per year thing, just a 500 student addition over a few years. Too bad it's the year after us.</p>

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<p>It's 125 per year for 4 years, so don't worry.</p>


<p>anymore comments on chances?</p>

<p>Very good chances in my opinion. Overall student and pretty good test scores. I've never heard about too many of those math contests, like the Pascal's and Fermat's. Are those specific to Canada? 119.5 AMC12 is really good btw. How come you don't have an AIME score? Is that only Americans? A lot of independent study, which is always good, but it looks like you got stuck in what Richard Ruscyzk calls the "Calculus Trap." But anyway, very good chances and good luck to you, although you don't seem to need it.</p>

<p>i totally need it. no one in my school history (the school with THE best ap program in Canada) has ever gotten waitlisted by princeton, let alone admitted....</p>

<p>:( just found out my sat score. 1450. 690 v and 760 m.
think i should retake to have a good chance ed? i signed up for the nov one.. but i am not sure if i should retake it. what do you guys think?</p>

<p>If i were to order the question and answer service now, do you know when they will arrive? and do you know when the reports will be mailed to us so we can see the section scores?</p>

<p>I think 1450 is a decent score that'll put you in the "gray area" of applications (where basically everyone is). Just work on your essays and such.</p>

<p>... ic... i have my other stats listed above, in the first post. sat 2s were 740 wr, and 800 800 780 for math chem phy.</p>

<p>your sat ii's are good enough to counterbalance some of the sat 'problem'--but bear in mind that your sat i is about avg. for princeton, not much under. so it's not all bad...
you swam w/dynamo? in ga? cool. i used to swim...had to quit a year ago b/c of shoulder sister is really good though (she got 9th at the US Trials in the 200 fly this year)...</p>