Chances for Princeton (I will give you money, read end of post)

<p>Okay, my best friend is applying early to Princeton. He keeps telling me he won't get in with only his stats, but I am willing to bet that he is a shoe-in...he then told me to post his crap on this site. BTW, we bet on whether he would get in or not. Is the money in my favor?</p>

<p>Ohio, School ranked 150 by Newsweek, Best in County, above average in state. Rich, Asian American guy...Chinese and Indian mix.</p>

<p>SAT: 1600
SAT II Writing: 800
SAT II Chinese: 800
SAT II Math IIC: 800
SAT II Physics: 790
SAT II Chem: 790
Rank: 1/400
All toughest courseload, after this year, he will have had 10 AP classes in school and 4 AP classes self studied. 10+4=14.</p>

All Regional and All State violinist. Varsity first chair.
Numerous state academic awards in political science, news stuff, etc.
Orchestra Vice President
Student Council Executive member
1.5 years track
Numerous language awards in Latin, Nationally ranked in National Latin Exam
Statewide first place in some Latin competitions
Published one article (well, very short) in a travel magazine
All 5s in 5 AP Exams
All around swell guy.</p>

<p>Now, here is his catch. He has only completed the rough drafts for his essays, and he says he is a very horrible writer. The teachers found his essays "typical" and they thought he should rewrite one of them to make it clearer.</p>

<p>Help me win money.
I might send you some.</p>

<p>money for me....bump</p>

<p>As everybody will say around here, admissions for the HYP schools are pretty much a lottery because so many people have amazing stats. But those are AMAZINGLY amazing stats, and personally I think that if he isn't accepted there is something really wrong with the system.</p>

<p>I don't get whats wrong here...can't those type of stats make up for any essay, no matter how bad it is?</p>

<p>btw, whats this about the money?</p>

<p>MAN those are good stats. He'll probably get in BUT in HYP you never know!</p>

<p>oh yea where's my money? =)</p>